Month: July 2008

  • Tash in a crash

    Uh-oh it looks like real-life Tash was in a crash .  It says she’s alright though!

  • If you’re thinking of going to Summer Bay on holidays..

    ..maybe you should read this first.

  • The worst fugitive against the worst cop…

    …whoever wins, we lose. Jack was so confused when he ran up to the getaway car and Kane wasn’t in it! You could almost see the cogs turning behind his squinting eyes. Kane isn’t one for outwitting anyone. Foiled during his very obvious burglary, he pulled a couple of burn-outs in the rented car before…

  • Like father, like son

    When did VJ learn to speak? All of a sudden, he’s hanging around the Den and getting into all kind of scrapes. He’s a lovable scamp who needs excitement not unlike his old man, Vinny the half man, half teddy bear, innocent prison escapee, who came back from the dead. Poor Leah is driven demented…

  • A real treat

    Dudes, we know how much you enjoy bringing the magic of Home and Away to your everyday life.  Well, now you can get out your gee-tar and be the life and soul of any party with the Home and Away theme song guitar chords !  Woo!

  • Summer bay time warp

    I have come to the conclusion that time moves at a different rate in the bay. Marriages, divorces, grieving, all of life’s processes take half the time that they do in real life. Take Jack for instance. After thinking about it for ages, he’s decided that now is the right time to start a family.…

  • Spoiler – competition for Fitzy

    Check this out – Morag will have someone else to love soon..

  • Wordle

    This is a great laugh – see It looks like Morag and Miles are very popular chez nous.

  • She won’t like that

    Poor Martha, she’s on the bubble and doesn’t know who the father is. I’m only surprised this hasn’t happened to her before.

  • Fashion police needed in Summer Bay

    Wanted: Nicole Franklin for crimes against good taste. Exhibit A: If seen do not attempt to apprehend, suspect is considered slutty and extremely annoying. Please contact Detective Buckton, c/o Morag, that is if she hasn’t figured out that he’s carrying on behind her back by then.