Grieving a la Summer Bay

Well.  I’d say Tony would have forgotten all about Beth’s death-anniversary were it not for Matilda.  It must be hard for him to keep track though; since his wife’s deathly hand was seen dangling out of a car window, Tony’s hopped up on around three or four of Summer Bay’s finest.  I’d say he would have had a go of Martha had she not been kind-of-family.  Not to mention the fact that he is now engaged, a mere twelve months later.

Leah is busy coping with her own little tragedy.  However, is it my imagination or does she have more pep in her step since Dreary Dan departed?





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  1. jill Avatar

    hello. are yous watching summer heights high at all? its mental.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh Ciara mentioned it, I must look it up.

  3. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    It won’t be long before Leah gets back in the saddle herself. There must be some rule that nobody can stay single in Summer Bay, except for Alf and Colleen, of course, because they are old.

  4. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    Loving the Morag picture by the way. I wonder where she gets her hair done. Copper pipe is the hot colour this summer.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    And Irene, I’d like to see Irene with a new fella. That was unfortunate when her fella was squished by the car.
    I’m thinking of getting a Morag ‘do as an homage.

  6. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Anyone know where Morag picks up her orange lipstick? Maybe I’ll head to the Mac counter.

    Surely Leah & Roman will be at it as soon as Dan is 6 months gone?

  7. Struth Avatar

    My bet is Leah and Miles. then they’ll both move into the caravan park and take in stray children. Leah does seem a lot happier these days, also, remember when Ryan came to visit for the funeral and Leah told him that he would always be part of her family? Has she seen him since? Irene needs a storyline sometime soon, she hasn’t had one since that cop tried to make her mental.

  8. gillian Avatar

    ya leah and miles have to get it together, it would make sally so happy and then leah can gradually turn into the new sally/pippa or sippa if you prefer.

    i wish leah had died instead of dan….

  9. Ailsa Avatar

    It is possible Morag gets the orange lipstick at MAC but where in the name of Jah does she get the black one?
    I LOVE Miles. He has the best hair in the whole show (sorry Rachel).

  10. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Keep an eye out for Miles’s overuse of his ‘cool’ head shake. Watch that hair rustle.

  11. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    I think they should bring Vinnie back and him and Leah can get back together. He is technically still alive, right? He was one of the best characters ever.

    Maybe Alf and Colleen could have an incestuous relationship. That way Home and Away could deal with a sensitive “issue” like they did with Aden’s sex abuse, Cassie’s HIV and Ric’s bare knuckle fighting.

  12. struth Avatar

    or coleen and morag!

  13. Ailsa Avatar

    Colleen and Morag should really move in together. They’d be the odd couple to beat them all.

  14. Stone the crows Avatar
    Stone the crows

    some1 needs to pin Ric down and chop the hair!!!!

  15. Ailsa Avatar

    Ahh but then he might lose all his strength a la Samson.
    No, you’re right, the hair is pox.

  16. Sinead Avatar

    Whats with Miles and have food stuffed in his gob everytime he has to say something-if its not an apple , its cereal, biscuits, sambo or something else that requires him to chew lots and half burb as he talks…its odd

  17. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Yes Sinead, yes. Its like some sort of ‘I’m so cool I can eat with my mouth full while bobbing my head and shrugging my shoulders’ thing. He’d be cooler if he stopped trying to act cool.

  18. struth Avatar

    He was homeless a month ago. I think he’s just glad to be eating.

  19. Ailsa Avatar

    Struth that could be it. I bet the food in the caravan park doesn’t taste of bin.

  20. struth Avatar

    maybe he’s bobbing his head coz he’s suffering from withdrawals from whatever drugs the kids on the streets are taking now. Maybe that’s what is wrong with coleen too.

  21. Stone the crows Avatar
    Stone the crows

    Miles is always eating n bobbin the head is right…… Isnt he jst a male sally.. big carer head on him!!
    Found out recently Geoff and Aden live together and evn better Ric and Tony live together in real life… 2nd 1 is a funny set up!!

  22. Moi Avatar

    Actually Tony wasn’t married to Beth so his ‘wife?s deathly hand’ is an annoyingly incorrect statement. And you call yourself a home and away fan! lol! 🙂

  23. Ailsa Avatar

    Ahhhhhhhhhh my details might not always be correct but my passion is true.
    Tony’s and Beth’s love was so pure that they may as well have been married *sob*.
    Beth come back!

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