Martha’s electric career and other weirdness

Why did Martha give up plumbing being an electrician? I would imagine it’s a fairly lucrative career in a town without any tradesmen. Certainly much more lucrative than working behind a bar or around a pole.

Jazz seems to be collecting teenage friends. First Mattie, now Nicole. Still, you can hardly blame her when the alternative is Leah.

Morag is a total hellraiser these days, not to mention a rollercoaster of emotion. She gave Colleen a fine tongue-whipping before retreating to her lair to cry her dragon tears.

Irene must be minted at this stage. Every second meal served up in Summer Bay seems to be at the diner. Thank goodness it reopened or there would have been a famine.

Did you hear Kane is coming back? Perhaps he and Morag could have an anger-off.





10 responses to “Martha’s electric career and other weirdness”

  1. struth Avatar

    the only character that has a friend is annie. Weird.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Annie needs a haircut; did Nicole not spot that?

  3. Struth Avatar

    Martha should take up hairdressing. A lot of the bay could do with a good haircut. I can’t imagine Martha being useful enough to do plumbing. She’s probably leave in the middle of every job coz she’s tired or wants to get drunk or have an abortion or something.

  4. gillian Avatar

    wasnt martha an electrician though? cos isnt that how she met jack, fixing the lights when his family first moved in? alf proclaiming ‘oh my granddaughter is an electrician’ while everyone watching thought ‘what, since when???’

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    I think you’re right. I’ll amend. Now why would she give that up?

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    You are right – look:

    OUTSIDE HUNTER HOUSE – alf arrives in his Ute, and Beth comments about Tony helping her with the whipper snipper. Tony approaches Beth & alf, and wonders if they know a good electrician. Alf suggests that Martha (who is sitting in Ute) can help.

  7. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Martha had a trade?! I completely forgot. I thought she was just a serial slapper.

    I think I fancied Kane back when he was a bad boy, then he turned good, boring.

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    He was a bit too bad though, what with “attacking” Dani and all.

  9. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Ailsa – I know, he was REALLY bad, not just Rick or Aiden bad. He had a funny mouth too. Still, fancied him.

  10. struth Avatar

    if anything happens to that baby ……….

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