7 thoughts on “Question”

  1. It was a plot device to get Jazz at the fight so she could see Bartlett there. Matilda doesn’t have any friends since Cassie left so she’s getting desperate. She has lunch with Annie for God’s sake.

  2. Yeah it was a plot device but even H&A usually do better than this!

    She just turned up on the night – and she’s like 30 years older than maddie!

    Although equally as hot…………!…ssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

  3. New question. Why are has and nicole friends? And does annie have lesbian tendancies towards nicole?

  4. Another new question – Who is mates with Belle? She’s all alone these days, just working away in her purple outfits with her choker. No hot Drew to keep her occupied.

    Her & Jazz could do coke in the toilets of Noah’s, then go wild. Or herself & Matty could take steriods together, get a little bloated, and judge others.

    I love all these girls, don’t get me wrong…

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