Dani’s Emmi

Tammin Sursok is up for an Emmy.  And here’s me thinking Dani wanted to be a writer.

10 thoughts on “Dani’s Emmi”

  1. Good for Tammin.its nice to hear she has had
    success in America.I hated her character on home and away
    though.Danni Sutherland was an absolute me me me person.

  2. does anyone know what episode number we are currently on so I can watch it on youtube during my lunch in work????

  3. Good to see she has lost the buckets of eye make up she used to wear. She wrecked my head on home and away so I’m happy that she is now inflicting her shite acting on the Yanks. Does everyone else agree that the Sutherlands were the most annoying family ever to live in Summer Bay?

  4. max and jade were the worst addition to the bay ever. Best episode ever when they fell down the well. Worst was when they were rescued.

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