Euro 2008 hates Summer Bay

Well boys and girls, just because Euro 2008 is on next week, we have to suffer.
Nevermind that some of us aren’t interested, nevermind that some of us hate football and think it is for losers, Home and Away is off for the week.  God bless Youtube, wha’?





8 responses to “Euro 2008 hates Summer Bay”

  1. Flathead Avatar

    Some of us like Home and Away and football.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    3 of us I’d say. At the most.

  3. andrew Avatar

    stupid rte always cancel home and away for the qualifiers.
    you dont see them canceling neighbours or shortland stree

  4. Conor Avatar

    Ok I hate being out of sync with RTE so the week after will they restart from what should be mondays episode or will they disregard this weeks eps and skip ahead?? I dont wanna do a 5 epsiode marathon now and then not watch any for like 2 weeks!

  5. Ned Avatar

    I tink its not goin 2 be on in 3 weeks i heard1!!!
    I HATE football!!!
    i dont no y dere showing it!!
    Ireland and England arent even in it!!!
    stupid rte!!!
    de uk r goin 2 b miles ahead of us!!

  6. struth Avatar

    good preparation for the month it will be off for the olympics. Kinda a trial run before going cold turkey.

  7. Conor Avatar

    Ah screw it, just watched the weeks eps on youtube, Good Stuff:) Course now I wont stop and I’ll just keep watching on youtube! Damn you RTE!

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    I haven’t watched any this week but tend to watch it on youtube a lot anyway.

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