Beth must be turning in her grave

So Tony and Rachel are getting married.  Fair enough, they have been going out for around two months and Beth’s been dead for six or so, it’s the natural progression.  Here’s hoping Rachel puts her awesome hair to good use at the wedding.

Morag’s suitor is taking her out on the town.  Where will he take her?  Noah’s, the Den, maybe a few tinnies on the beach?






3 responses to “Beth must be turning in her grave”

  1. struth Avatar

    Maybe they’ll have a romantic dinner at the diner, followed by a night at the fight club.

  2. Flathead Avatar

    I reckon it’s a romantic flagon of cider for two on stewart’s point and then he’ll feel her up something rotten. Detective Bunken knows how to treat a girl.

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Ah poor Rachel, always running… never quite losing any weight…

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