Month: June 2008

  • The creepiest thing I’ve come across in a while

    The Home and Away theme song sung as a tortured dirge.  It features a picture of Alf as a prisoner of war or some such.

  • Grieving a la Summer Bay

    Well.  I’d say Tony would have forgotten all about Beth’s death-anniversary were it not for Matilda.  It must be hard for him to keep track though; since his wife’s deathly hand was seen dangling out of a car window, Tony’s hopped up on around three or four of Summer Bay’s finest.  I’d say he would…

  • Coleen protests her innocence

    “I’ve never sent a false pretext in my life” was what Colleen said to Betty in the Diner as they spied on Morag.

  • Martha’s electric career and other weirdness

    Why did Martha give up plumbing being an electrician? I would imagine it’s a fairly lucrative career in a town without any tradesmen. Certainly much more lucrative than working behind a bar or around a pole. Jazz seems to be collecting teenage friends. First Mattie, now Nicole. Still, you can hardly blame her when the…

  • Question

    Why are Matilda and Jazz friends?

  • Dani’s Emmi

    Tammin Sursok is up for an Emmy.  And here’s me thinking Dani wanted to be a writer.

  • Tasha Andrews

    Do you remember when Tasha used to be a mermaid? She was like Daryl Hanah in Splash . Young Max found her on the beech in the nip and she hopped into the water and swam off after transforming herself into a half-woman half-cod hybrid. Max wished that Alf still had his bait shop so…

  • Euro 2008 hates Summer Bay

    Well boys and girls, just because Euro 2008 is on next week, we have to suffer. Nevermind that some of us aren’t interested, nevermind that some of us hate football and think it is for losers, Home and Away is off for the week.  God bless Youtube, wha’?

  • Jack’s low cut top problem

    Commenter Áine made a very observant point the other day – what is the story with Jack’s low-cut tops? Exhibit A screengrabbed from YouTube: If he had some cleavage to show, I’d understand. But WHY??

  • Beth must be turning in her grave

    So Tony and Rachel are getting married.  Fair enough, they have been going out for around two months and Beth’s been dead for six or so, it’s the natural progression.  Here’s hoping Rachel puts her awesome hair to good use at the wedding. Morag’s suitor is taking her out on the town.  Where will he…