Month: May 2008

  • Roman doesn’t know the Summer Bay Way

    Someone should have told Roman; when you live in Summer Bay, you are obliged to take in any stray teenagers that come knocking.  Pity Irene and Milco have a houseful each already, otherwise Aidan would be sorted.

  • Morag scores!

    Oh the flirtation between Morag and that detective chap is delicious!  Who cares whose niece is potentially going to jail, let’s all exchange witty repartee instead! Incidentally, I do wish Jack and Martha would go to jail.  They are very tiresome.  Will they, won’t they, who cares anyway? Finally, why is Jazz still living with…

  • Playing Roman is great oul’ gas

    Check it.

  • Being an extra on Home and Away

    This girl did it .

  • Pippa’s dead posh

    Learning about that acting lark wasn’t all that, according to Debra Lawrance (quoted from ) "They stripped you bare emotionally in order to make you a better actor," says Debra Lawrance, best known for her role as Pippa Ross on soapie Home and Away. "They didn’t tell us that’s what they were doing; I…

  • I am Colleen Smart; I am a Bay identity

    Colleen is so easily swayed.  I bet if someone had told her "Here, kill Sam", she’d do it. The new diner is looking posh.  Sally’s probably on her way home from Singapore as we speak to have a nose around.

  • The sisters Stewart

    Colleen and Morag are the greatest comedy double act since Laurel and Hardy. Their sparring was entertaining before but the fact that they are related has taken the humour potential to a whole new level. Today’s episode was typical of this when we saw Colleen stick her nose in with the police, trying to help…

  • Yahoo – new whodunnit storyline!

    We haven’t had one of these for a while, not since the days of Angie.  Prior to that, "Who killed Josh?" was the question on the lips of every Summer Bay resident. It goes like this: loads of people have contact with the deceased in the hours before s/he dies everyone is cross-examined like Billy-o…

  • She’s off.

    That’s that.  Sally is no longer a Summer Bay resident; she left because, eh, because she lost her job I think.  Feck’s sake, suck it up! So, the Sam/Jack/Martha storyline is coming to a head next.  Look at this clip on youtube – those Aussie previews are amazing.  Sam is like something out of a…

  • Hankies at the ready

    Back to the Bay have set up an admirable Sally tribute site. So sit back and reminisce about Sally’s loves (many) and terrible injuries at the hands of crook folk (also many).