Month: April 2008

  • Evil little wife

    What in the name of God is Sam up to? Looks like Joe has a pretty heavy hand, he gave her a good going over. Dunno how that’s going to prove her innocence though.

  • Earthquake!

    Today Roman revealed that this wasn’t the first time that the bay was hit by an earthquake. Back in 96 a tremor struck and the diner has been sitting on it’s very own San Andreas fault since then. That got me thinking and I went looking. I found this. Can you name all of the…

  • Looks like we’re getting a new set, boys and girls!

    The diner is caving in on itself. Ah, I liked it though. Now, it’s gone the way of the drop-in centre, and the “palace”. Maybe they’ll build a new fancy eaterie that actually *gasp* serves alcohol. I hope Irene takes her burger-phone with her.

  • No competition

    Looks like Matilda walked away with this one, she’s officially the biggest babe in the Bay! Image from >> Polls Archive

  • Confused

    Sometimes, when I’m watching television of an evening, I find it hard to tell if I’m watching Six Feet Under or Home and Away. The ghostly apparitions and near-death experiences have me flummoxed. Then Alf appears and the fog lifts. We nearly had a sex scene in tonight’s episode. Luckily the morality of the show…

  • This is what the Internet was made for

    Home and Away games – a genius idea! Get yourself over to pronto – the rules are as follows: “You pick any four current Home and Away characters which you keep for a whole month. (You can pick the same four as other people playing the game.) Your characters earn you points each episode…

  • Great Scrap

    Oh Belle and Drew know how to have a row! “How can you talk about honour, you slept with my mother and crawled back into my bed!”

  • Irene is shocked

    “Oh my gawdfather!” Irene upon seeing the newspaper headline about Sally’s dismissal. Apparently the usual “oh gawd” just doesn’t cut it anymore. I bet Drew and Belle were impressed.

  • Hilarious

    I recommend that everyone go to youtube, go to an episode of H&A, and watch the very very dramatic previews at the end of each episode. They are brilliant. They’d nearly make you move to Australia. I think we’re at episode number 4590 now.

  • Poor oul’ Sal’

    Even by H&A standards, that was a bit mean. Just sacking Sally all because she was the victim of a mentalist stalker?  MEAN. But I am intrigued to know what makes her take the job. D’ya reckon Brad is waiting for her at the Department of Education (or the Depo Edo as it’s probably called…