Month: March 2008

  • More-ag

    There was a hell of a lot of Morag in today’s episode.  We here at H&AI are big fans, however, we do want to know – what is up with her makeup?  Sometimes her lipstick is almost black.  Perhaps she is trying to boost her devil-woman persona. Looks like she is going to help out…

  • Second best near death experience in the history of H&A

    A few questions arose from today’s episode: Why was Flynn doing an impression of the sacred heart with his holy light? I think that he was conspicuous by his absence. Maybe he’s not in heaven at all but was sent downstairs. How is it that Tom has continued to age even though he died around…

  • Madge is a popular girl

    I was just looking at the statistics for, and 32 people have come to the site as a result of searching for the term “Madge Wilkins”.  She’s such an enigma; we’re all intrigued.

  • “You made him gutless”

    Johnny is a flippin’ legend. Wouldn’t it be super if he was the next principal of Summer Bay High? Aidan would be head boy in no time, and Johnny would be head of the biggest gang he could ever hope for. Is Sally a superhero? Maybe she has that Claire-from-Heroes healing ability. She seems to…

  • Bad boy 4 life

    Guess who’s back? It’s only Johnny Cooper, the Bay’s baddest ever bad boy. He got a present of the boxed set of Prison Break for Christmas and managed to escape from jail after watching them all. Once free, he decided to make straight for the Bay to tell them the good news. Unfortunately, Brad had…

  • If you missed today…

    …like I did, it’s available on youtube. That Nick from is one busy bloke.

  • Did you cry at today’s episode?

    Because a friend of ours did.  I believe the phrase used was “award-winning acting”. Flathead wasn’t impressed though; he muted H&A during the Sally/Milco scenes as he thought it was “too boring”. Things like HIV are more his bag.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Episode

    We missed Home & Away today.  But we can guess what happened.  I’d say, it being St. Patrick’s Day, they all got dressed up in green, danced around a few shillelaghs, and then Henk told Cassie he was only messing about the HIV.  He thought it was April Fools, not St. Patrick’s Day? Thought so.

  • Flashback

    The flashback ruled! Old Pippa! Carly! Tom! And oh, the ‘dos! Maybe Ric is doing a shout-out, a homage to those gilded times, using the medium of hair. Classic.

  • Pregnant!

    So Cassie’s pregnant.  I didn’t think “Henk” had it in him.  I smell a disaster.