Month: February 2008

  • Sally Speaks!

    The Doctor tells us that “Kate Ritchie will be on 2fm’s 5 o’clock show” this evening! Also reader Fitz has informed us that none other than Holly Brisley aka Amanda Vale will be on the Café this evening.  Don’t pretend you don’t watch it..

  • Disaster

    That’s it, I’m through with love.  The only long-term relationship in Summer Bay is between the two biggest drips in town, Dan and Leah.  Ric and Matilda are a disaster.  Cassie and “Henk” are a disaster (no surprise there).  Not even Sally can keep her man. And Tam’s heading off.  She didn’t last long.

  • I’m confused

    Right, did Tam and that crook kid “take it to the next level”?  I’m thinking they must have because otherwise what’s the hoo-ha over the phone video about?  If they did, they skipped a level or two..

  • Ric is hella dumb

    What is Ric at? He’s on the cusp of having a fling with Viv, who, in the words of Drew is, “like, 30” when he could be hanging around, etc., with young Matilda. Also, poor Tam walked into that one. We’re either in for a Paris Hilton-style scandal or a teenage pregnancy.

  • Where were Belle and Drew off to?

    As Selina showed us all those years ago, when a girl takes her fella by the hand towards the bedroom, it only means one thing – taking it to the next level. I thought that Belle might end up falling for Dom. There is a precedent in girls falling for the bad boy, when Kirsty…

  • Geoff is the new Sally

    He’ll never leave the bay.