Month: February 2008

  • Wedding Crashing, H&A Style

    Get uninvited from the wedding Suddenly get brave at the last minute and dash to the church Peep around the door just as the last vows are being made Watch in horror as the happy couple kiss Linger at the door until your arch-enemy (usually the bride) sees you, thus ruining the day Run outside…

  • Back to the bay

    Two characters have returned. Bad:       Henk – there’s a-gonna be a bombshell.. Good:    Morag – the Angela Lansbury of our times

  • Bad clothes day

    What was the story with Martha’s dress today? She looked like a loop the loop ice pop.  Will she be leaving for good or will she come back when Jack inevitably changes his mind about marrying Sam? The latter methinks.

  • Road Safety Authority

    It looks like the kids don’t pay much heed to the National Road Safety Authority, if indeed, its influence has reached the idyll of Summer Bay.  The whole thing was like a road safety ad.  All we needed was a Samantha Mumba soundtrack. Do you reckon any of the kids will be a goner?  Maybe…

  • Unexpected

    Oh my God, I didn’t see that coming (for about a month).  Who would have thought Jack and Martha would get back together?  I suppose it’s as a result of that unreasonable ultimatium Sam gave Jack: If you don’t turn up to the wedding rehearsal tomorrow, I’m calling off the wedding. Sure what would the…

  • Leaving list

    As NF just pointed out, there are loads leaving the bay soon, here’s a list..have I forgotten any? Brad – he’s gone already Lewis (who cares?) Sally Dan Sam Lucas

  • Is Martha the maddest person in the bay?

    Why did Martha put on Sam’s dress?  She should give up being a barperson and be a professional mad woman. What possessed her to do it? Crazy. Jack wasn’t too put off though. Does he want to marry Sam at all? I think he preferred Martha in it.

  • Morag’s always missed when she goes

    That’s because Morag is flippin’ awesome.

  • Rumours..

    Well. I got a text this morning from Ciara, whose brother in Oz says Sally “got done” last night on Aussie Home and Away. Either she’s a dead woman or she has taken it to the next level with someone. I suspect it’s the former. The rumours are flying at the moment. I have been…

  • Sally spills the beans

    Good lying from Ric. But what was even more impressive was his guilt tripping of Cassie so that she wouldn’t tell Matilda about him sleeping with Viv. By exposing her as a hypocrite, she felt obliged to keep quiet. Clever Ric. Pity he’s not clever enough to get his hair cut. Sally told Rachel about…