Month: January 2008

  • Totally over

    Boo I won’t get to see Home and Away today, but I hear from a reliable source (aka our friend Ciara) that Sally and Brad are “totally over”.  Shock!  Horror!  Sigh. (I love that sigh, full stop thing.  It’s all over the place at the moment.)

  • Old H&A posts

    I thought ye might be interested in a few H&A-related posts from my old blog: July 13, 2006 August 15, 2006 October 18, 2006 October 24, 2006 – this is a good one November 11, 2006 December 4, 2006 December 4, 2006 – must have been a busy episode December 15, 2006 Ah the nostalgia.…

  • “That’s you, and that’s Mummy, AND you’re holding hands”

    Yeah, yeah Pippa II. Not a peep out of you for months and this is what you come out with? And you don’t have anyone fooled with that picture – that’s Sally’s handiwork. In fact, this whole “Tug at Brad’s heartstrings so he comes back to us” scheme has Sally written all over it. Although,…

  • Interview with Ric

    This interview with Ric doesn’t explain his terrible haircut.

  • Cassie

    Flippin’ Cassie – she’s a writeoff.  Stupid Henk is as quare as quare can be and she’s mad about him.  I reckon she has low self esteem due to orangeness. On another note, did anyone else see Sally feeling her own rear end after chatting to Ric?

  • Adios Scott Irwin

    Ah poor oul’ Heath – I wonder does Sally know about his demise? Apparently he was a beau of hers; Back to the Bay says she lost her virginity, sorry, “took it to the next level” with him – the scandal! On another note, what does this mean for Nick? Remember, he left the Bay…

  • Martha’s powers of persuasion

    Why doesn’t Martha do a quick pole-dance to persuade the powers that be to free Jonah/Michael? It’s a shame to see those talents go to waste – and it would be much quicker than this “talking” lark.

  • A first for Jack

    “I don’t want to jump to conclusions…” Jack decides to change the habit of a lifetime when discussing Lewis at the hospital with Sam and Rachel.

  • Melissa G

    Melissa’s looking hella Hollywood these days. I doubt she’d get on the back of Shane’s motorbike now.

  • Looks like Cassie’s off too!

    Apparently Sharni Vinson is looking for work in the U.S., but woe is us, the writer’s strike is preventing her getting any roles. No doubt Cassie will leave the Bay on the arm of another wholly unsuitable male.