Month: November 2007

  • Women’s perogative

    What is Sally at? Brad is waiting at the alter for her and she changes her mind. She’s some wagon. 

  • This is what happens when you don’t watch H&A for a week

    Cassie gets another abusive fella instead of a nice boy like……………eh……………..Kim. People lep into bed together i.e. Cassie and “Henk” (what kind of a name is that) Crazy boy fights – Brad and “Henk” Colleen’s ensembles get even madder Sally gives advice Cassie ignores Sally’s advice Cassie climbs out the window to escape NO-ONE tells…

  • Very lax

    Dear oh dear, we’ve been quare busy. What’s going on at the moment? Is Drew still racing cars? Is the thing with Pop/Bruce Campbell going on? HAS RIC GOT HIS HAIR CUT YET?  Strewth.

  • Irene Roberts

    Oh Gawd. Irene used to have a quare thirst on her when she first appeared on our screens back in the day. She was alco mother to Finlay and Damien (aka “Mouse” in the Matrix). She was as desperate as a derro waiting outside the bottlo in the arvo. They also had a evil brother…

  • Ails tells all

    Good old Ails. Not content with killing her father, marrying the coolest dude in the bay, dying and then pushing Morag down the stairs, Judy Nunn aka Ailsa Stewart has turned novelist. I notice she doesn’t mention her stint in Prisoner Cell Block H.

  • Who remembers Carly?

    To be honest, I think Carly could have been a bit before my time, but she sounds like great craic. Was she a crook kid?  Our mate Paul sent us in these images below, which suggest to me she was….

  • Old Man Campbell

    Brucie boy was looking like a bit of a zombie there at the end of today’s episode. Will he shoot Lucas? Maybe that’s how Lucas leaves..

  • Cheers Nic

    Nic has informed us of comers and goers coming up on H&A. Is Johnny Cooper Rocco’s mental brother? If so yippee! I hope himself and Brad have a few more face-offs. My mam will be thrilled to see the back of Dan. In her words, “he’s a drip”. These are the newbies coming to the…