Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnald Fiiiiiiiiiiisher!

I don’t miss H&A that often, but when I do, Flathead returns! What’s the skinny, I hear he’s deputy principal which sounds to me like he’s sticking around! What happened to his klepto missus or is she back too?






6 responses to “Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnald Fiiiiiiiiiiisher!”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Don came back to the bay after the holiday resort himself and the wife went to run went tits-up. So now he is flat broke and living in one of sally’s caravans…Even Alf had to shout him lunch in the diner as his visa was declined.

    Luckily for flathead, the department would not let sally appoint brad as her deputy, so don to the rescue!!!! He is back to his old stomping ground but poor brad doesn’t like being just a lowly teacher, so expect fireworks!

  2. Katherine Avatar

    Good summary there Michael, I hope Flathead sticks around. I wonder will the new generation of schoolkids know he’s called Flathead or will they come up with a new and amazing nickname.

    On another note I see on your website that you are a Twink and Postsecret fan. Fair play indeed.

  3. andrew Avatar

    its been a while since don fisher was in it.i dont think his harsh
    tactics are going to appeal to many of the younger generation
    of summer bay.he’s part of an older world thats unfortunatlyey long gone.
    hope he sticks around though

  4. Katherine Avatar

    Alf must be flamin’ thrilled his old mate is back. Ripper.

  5. Conor Avatar

    Well Belle overheard his nickname was ‘Flathead’ so it will spread I presume. Can someone tell me why he’s called that???

  6. Katherine Avatar

    His head is kind of flat.

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