Month: August 2007

  • Mad name alert

    We’re off on holidays, but we hear there is going to be a new character by the name of Jazz. You better fill us in when we come back.

  • Guess who’s back?

    Alexi. That’s who’s back. Remember him? He’s Leah’s brother and used to live in the Palace with Noah and Scott (Kip Gamblin). He used to go out with Hayley but dumped her for Brodie, which I could never understand. He was a partner in the SB gym but sold his stake. He was also the…

  • Flamin’ lucky gits

  • H&A Map

    Have you ever watched an episode of Home & Away and wondered “Mmmm, in which direction is that character staring thoughtfully into the distance?”. Well, wonder no more, for a lady by the name of Rachel has just created a Summer Bay map. Would you like to see it?

  • Evil deficit

    Recently we had one of the most evil characters of all time descend on the Bay. Kelly was to Amanda as Iago was to Othello. No manipulation was too difficult and no length too far to go in her bid to ruin her gullible sister. Amanda fell for it all and nearly lost her life…

  • Happy birthday Sally!

    What age would you say she is? Click here to find out..

  • Traitorous Tammin

    Wellllll, it looks like young Dani isn’t really in the city writing a book – she’s off in America selling her soul! More at the Soap Dispenser.

  • Home and Away stars on Channel 5 UK

    Check out Martha, Rick and Sally on Channel 5. Rick needs a hair cut.

  • All the couples!

    Ah jeepers, it’s all happening in Summer Bay as regards romance.. Sexy detention Flirting, an abundance of suds and two teenage couples, whatever is going to happen? Incidentally, is Cassie a bit slow or something? Shouldn’t she be finished school by now? Wife Swap Kit has the hots for Kim (again), the father of her…