Month: June 2007

  • James’s Diary part 2

    This time the man’s gone too far. Everyone was raggin’ on me for no reason. So what if I got a little stoned? So what if I nearly killed a patient, again? So what if I took my heavily pregnant girlfirend hostage in her own home? So what if I lose my job? I’m sick…

  • Forbidden Love

    There is a great website about Kane and Kirsty at Some dedication there!

  • James’s diary

    Image from Dude, the man is always on my back. That nosy Dr Armstrong was ragging on me for being stoned in work and nearly killing a patient. She needs to chill out man. A few fat joints and she’d be more reasonable. Kit was nagging me to quit the chronic. She’s just jealous…

  • Nosey got herself a blog!

    Image from We all lamented when Sally’s Diary disappeared, but fear not, the talkative teacher has thrown herself into new media and started her very own blog! What a pity it doesn’t allow comments.

  • Dope Fiend

    Image from Not since the days of Duncan and the “nighty nights” has there been such a drugs scandal in Summer Bay. Not only is James a bit simple, he’s a stoner too. I don’t know why throwing the suspicious jiffy bag into the waste paper basket didn’t remove all temptation, but it looks…