Shannon Reed

With her name and her hair, Shannon could have fitted into Irish soap “Fair City”. Luckily for her, she was in Home and Away instead. When she arrived, she was going out with long haired layabout and surfer dude Curtis. She moved onto a couple of other fellas but it later turned out that she also had an eye for the ladies. She met an author who was gay and they had the Bays first on screen same sex kiss. She was good mates with Selina and eventually left the bay to go to Paris where she got a job in an Aussie theme bar as an erotic dancer named “Waltzing Matilda”. That last bit might not be true.

In real life she’s now Mrs Borat as herself and Sasha Baron Cohen have been going out for years. Nice. She’s been a number of Hollywood films including “Scooby Doo” and the soon to be released “Wedding Daze“. It looks awful. Surely she can do better than that?






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