Sweet Noah

Noah of the House of Lawson
‘Noah having a rest’ from http://www.sexymalecelebs.co.uk !!

There’s not a H&A-watching girl I know who doesn’t remember Noah. He was handsome without falling into the Jesse/Kim vest trap, he was sensitive without being Sally. He was just effin’ cool.

When he got together with Hayley they got a trans-hemisphere seal of approval. Two so beautiful should be together, we thought. Shortly afterwards he was cruelly felled by a stray bullet from loopy Zoe’s gun. However, all we heard was a gunshot, all we saw was the closing credits. The crafty Aussie scriptwriters kept us on tenterhooks in the following episode; who had died? Everyone was there at the funeral, even Noah himself. Confusing. Anyway it turned out Noah was dead and cremated, but Hayley was summoning his spirit to get her through the ordeal. They are mad for spirits in Summer Bay.*

In my research for this (touching) homage to Noah, I found a mad site dedicated to Mr. Lawson’s tryst with Kit.

Also, Beau Brady, the real-life Noah, is thankfully still working in the world of TV. Hopefully he will grace Irish screens sometime soon. Oh please.

*remember Alf and his Aboriginal friend?
*what about Bobby’s face on the fridge?







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  1. Gill Avatar

    Then of course Rebecca ‘I was original Hayley but dumped Beau Brady so therefore am a whore’ Cartwright dumped him and shacked up with Leyton Hewitt five minutes later, only for her red-haired (and clearly no replacement) alter ego, and recipient of Flynn-esque face surgery replaced HOT HOT Noah with mediocre Scott, oh about 5 minutes after Noah’s death. Ho-bag!

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