Summer Bay Hospital

Amanda broke into the hospital stores to steal some drugs after being blackmailed by her sister’s boyfriend.
They really need to work on their security, she pressed the alarm and they all went running.
She was then able to grab the keys and help herself.
She is developing a habit of getting blackmailed.






3 responses to “Summer Bay Hospital”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    That hospital is a joke. Sure they let Rachel operate on someone recently didn’t they, and she only a mind-doctor. I bet if Amanda had just asked for the drugs, that nurse would have given them to her.

  2. Gill Avatar

    sure didn’t flynn start out as a social worker/counsellor person too and suddenly he was a surgeon/paedetrician/general super doctor. not clever enough to look after himself though was he!

  3. Conor Avatar

    That was a bit of a james bond thing there! Infiltrate the hospital, make a diversion, steal the drugs, grab the girl….

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