Month: May 2007

  • Shannon Reed

    With her name and her hair, Shannon could have fitted into Irish soap “Fair City”. Luckily for her, she was in Home and Away instead. When she arrived, she was going out with long haired layabout and surfer dude Curtis. She moved onto a couple of other fellas but it later turned out that she…

  • Martha Not Mental in Real Life

    Image from Martha may have totally gone off the rails in H&A, but it looks like Jodi Gordon’s doing alright for herself in real life!

  • Colleen on young love

    “That’s enough heavy petting Samantha, Jack has lots of work to do”. Colleen has no time for passion while there is a community project to organise.

  • Alf on feminism

    “Flamin’ women, eh? Think they run the joint.”

  • Sweet Noah

    ‘Noah having a rest’ from !! There’s not a H&A-watching girl I know who doesn’t remember Noah. He was handsome without falling into the Jesse/Kim vest trap, he was sensitive without being Sally. He was just effin’ cool. When he got together with Hayley they got a trans-hemisphere seal of approval. Two so beautiful…

  • Let me be the one

    Well, hallelujah, they’re changing the H&A theme song. The dude who sings it at the moment can’t enunciate his words properly, why, I can’t imagine how he got any kind of singing qualification at all. In any case, here is the new version in all its tuneful glory.

  • RIP Rocco

    Alas poor Rocco, we didn’t know him that well. When he joined the show, we were told that he used to be in a gang. The problem with these gangs are that they are hard to leave. So it proved with Rocco and his membership. He reminded me of Michael Corleone; “Just when I thought…

  • Summer Bay Hospital

    Amanda broke into the hospital stores to steal some drugs after being blackmailed by her sister’s boyfriend. They really need to work on their security, she pressed the alarm and they all went running. She was then able to grab the keys and help herself. She is developing a habit of getting blackmailed.

  • Amanda and Kelli

    Oh dear. We’ve been a bit lackadaisical with the H&A blog. I haven’t seen it much lately but I do want to know what exactly Amanda did to make Kelli hate her so much. There was a car accident mentioned but Kelli looks fine to me. So why all the hatred, WHY?