Month: April 2007

  • Famous people love H&A!

    Image from Speaking of famous people who think H&A is a quality drama, Sonia O’Sullivan spoke about her love for the programme on the Ryan Tubridy Show a couple of weeks ago.

  • Alf on Ric’s detention at the cop station for ‘allegedly’ attacking Rocco


  • Taoiseach’s daughter names son after Home and Away character!!

    Taoiseach’s daughter names son after Home and Away character!!

    “Nicky and Georgina Byrne welcomed with great joy the safe arrival of their twin sons Rocco and Jay born at 9.55am this morning in the National Maternity Hospital Holles Street, Dublin 2.” Is Georgina a fan of Home and Away?  Has she named her newborn in honour of the stricken character, Rocco?

  • Alf on police techniques

    “Sally just told me you’re holding Ric. What the flamin’ hell’s going on?” Alf tries to get some answers from the local bizzies.

  • Jack Wilson

    Jack was one of the many strays taken in by Pippa and Michael, back in the day. She operated an “open door policy” in the caravan park and the loving warmth of her considerable embrace was enough to reform even the most wayward soul. Or was it? Jack used to go out with Chloe but…

  • Dag Dog

    I always reckoned that Dag Dog would beat Bouncer in a fight. Dag Dog was Sally and the Fletchers’ dog in the early days. He would accompany Sally and Milco in their advantures. Oh the fun a young girl and her imaginary friend can get up to. Dag Dog watched Sally go on fishing trips…

  • Current State of Affairs

    Sally’s grand. However, she and Brad are tiptoeing around each other like teenagers, instead of being all straight up like proper adults. “Ooooh do you like me?” “I don’t know, do you like me?” Martha’s pissed off with Morag. She let some of Morag’s past slip. A husband driven away and a child cast aside.…

  • Resurrection

    She doesn’t look dead to me, boys!

  • Is Sally Dead?

    It’s a hard one to call, this is what ye think so far.

  • Classic Home And Away

    Students take note.  Behold the genius of Home and Away scripting…anyone says they’re happy in Home And Away – afterwards they experience extreme pain and even death!  In tonight’s episode of 2nd April 2007 Sally is stabbed right after she proclaims that, “this is going to be the happiest year yet” and just before she…