Robbie Hunter

Robbie Hunter. To try and pin him down to one aspect would do the man a grave diservice. His talents were many and varied. When he first arrived in the bay he was a happy go lucky inventor. His inventions didn’t work out that well but it never got our Rob down. 

He soon fell for Tash and their love blossomed. But like Peter hearing the cock crow for the third time, Robbie rued the day when he denied her on the beach. Robbie was filming a comercial on the beach and flirted with the actresses. But Tasha heard what was going on and gave him what for.  

When Robbie tired of being an actor, he decided to give being an AIDS victim a go when he stepped on a used needle. This was about the only thing that managed to get Robbie down, but he soon recovered when he found out that he didn’t have the disease. 

Himself and Tash eventually got married and decided to take their baby Ella off to her Aunt Josie in the States. Robbie still hasn’t finished school but sure why let that stand in the way of a good storyline? I’m sure that he’ll fit right in with the jocks and the geeks in Beverly Hill High School. 

Hope it all works out in America Robbie. There’ll always be a spot in the bay for you if it doesn’t. I hear that Noah’s are looking for staff.






3 responses to “Robbie Hunter”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    Is Josie Tash’s ma? Or was that Angie?

  2. gill Avatar

    angie was tashas mother, josie was angies sister or cousin or something. sure theyre all related, in fairness, im sure alf is everyones father/grandfather/uncle/husband/illegitimate son

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