DCU Home & Away Society

DCU Home & Away Society went to Blackpool to see Ray Meagher in panto.
And they met the man himself. I am emerald with envy.
Check out this greeting from Ray. He is so sound. I knew he would be.






6 responses to “DCU Home & Away Society”

  1. jill Avatar

    Wow. why didnt this society exist when we were in DCU? amazing.

  2. gill Avatar

    im the chairperson and it was fantastic to meet alf, and he was so nice. this blog is hilariously fantastic

  3. Katherine Avatar

    Gill, I am so dead jealous. Did you get to shake his hand? DID YOU GET TO TOUCH HIM?
    I would never wash my hand again.

  4. Mal Avatar

    So. Jealous.

  5. gill Avatar

    haha em i probably did touch hi, we were just so excited it was hard to not touch him! and it was so hard not to call him alf. the clip is so funny though cos he says ‘your university’, he obviously couldnt remember where we were from…oh alf!

  6. jen Avatar

    oh wow thats so cool!

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