Home and Away set photos


Thanks to Mairead O’Dwyer for sending in this photo of her and her friend Heather [seen here on the left] on the set of Home and Away. It looks like she was trying to pretend she was part of a Home and Away episode – do you think she’s convincing? Do you have any better photos from your time on the set? If so send them in, we’d love to see them…or maybe we wouldnt…?






6 responses to “Home and Away set photos”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    Wow I can’t believe Mairead wasn’t offered a part on the spot!

  2. Mal Avatar

    Well done on Mairead on thanking Mairead for that photo.

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    I’ve got some photos of me and my mates bad acting in front of the diner, and sitting on the beach looking depressed, must root them out.

  4. john o brien Avatar
    john o brien

    well done you fit in so well on that beach? looks like you could be the number 1 babe on the show Mairead! come on give this girl a part

  5. Fosterchild Avatar

    Too right! Give her a part.

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    Drew’s Shrew, send in your photos is right!

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