Month: March 2007

  • Home & Away Scheduling June 2006

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006 To whom it may concern, I wish to complain about the scheduling of “Home and Away” during the World Cup tournament. Understandably, due to evening matches, this programme is not being shown in the regular slot of 6:30 on RTE2. However it is still being shown at 1:30 on RTE1, which…

  • Irish Blogs

    Just setting us up with

  • Robbie Hunter

    Robbie Hunter. To try and pin him down to one aspect would do the man a grave diservice. His talents were many and varied. When he first arrived in the bay he was a happy go lucky inventor. His inventions didn’t work out that well but it never got our Rob down.  He soon fell…

  • “Your wedding night, is it?”

    Photo by labergquis at stock.xchng Lee: “Oh, hello, I see that you are all happy after your wedding day, with your new family. That’s nice. Now, give me my baby back.”   Kim & Rachel: “WTF?”   They should kick that young one square in the nuts. Why didn’t Sally or some other nosey bint…

  • Weddings, H&A style

    Weddings never run smoothly in the Bay. Look at Kim there, first he loses the rings and has to drive cross-country on his wedding day to get replacements. Then his phone battery dies and his car basically gets totally effed, leaving him standing on the side of the road, miles from anywhere. And this isn’t…

  • Justice Morag Bellingham

    No sooner has someone been framed and arrested in the wrong than Morag appears. With her voluminous cloaks and black lipstick she cuts quite the dash through the diner.  Money never seems to be a problem for her as long as the cause is just. Morag is Alf and Celia’s sister but is the opposite…

  • DCU Home & Away Society

    DCU Home & Away Society went to Blackpool to see Ray Meagher in panto. And they met the man himself. I am emerald with envy. Check out this greeting from Ray. He is so sound. I knew he would be.

  • Summer Bay crimewave

    Rocco’s brother, Johnny, is a criminal mastermind. He is the Don Corleone of the Bay. He never gets caught doing any crimes as he gets Rocco to do it all for him. Rocco was told to steal things from the Sally’s house and to sell drugs in the school. He even got Rocco to buy…

  • Alf on crows

    “Stone the flamin’ crows”. Alf is no bird lover.

  • Alf on Chucka

    “Bit of a flippertygibbet, is he?”