Kirsty and Jade, the Sutherland “twins”

Kirsty and Jade were so close that they were psychic. They had that bond that twins sometimes have on tv. Only they weren’t. Twins. It turns out that Kirsty was adopted and had an identical twin sister called Laura. Laura was the same actress with hair extensions. This doesn’t explain how she had the psychic twin bond with Jade but the writers conveniently forgot about that one.

Jade and Kirsty hung around the bay for years, exchanging boyfriends Seb and Nick. But then Kane showed up. He raped Danii, Kirsty’s sister, which seemed to make him irrisistable to Kirsty. They started dating on the sly but Kirsty fell pregnant and it all went off. Rhys Sutherland routinely blew his top over nothing so went mental when presented with this, something actually worth getting angry over. Kirsty had her baby but herself and Kane legged it for a life on the run as he was due to end up in jail.

Jade organised a sit in protest in her school which resulted in her getting expelled and failing her HSE. Nice one. She then fell under the influence of Duncan and poor old Seb ended up paralysed as a result. Read more in the Duncan Stewart post. Jade left the bay in shame to go and live with Kit Hunter in the city. Hasn’t been heard from since.






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