Occasionally Home and Away has a really evil character and Dodge was one of those.  He pretended to be best mates with Steven while failing to mention that he had burned down the building where Steven's uncle had been staying and killed him.  

When Stevo found out he was rightly pissed off. He wanted to use his Karate skills on Dodge but Tom persuaded him not to and Dodge was sent to jail. 

Years later when Dodge got out, he tracked Stevo down.  It was now time for them to get the scrap in that Tom had foiled all those years ago. Dodge said "Hello Stevo" and punched him.  Little did Steven know that Dodge had been putting his time inside to good use. "I've been working out". He too was now a master of the martial arts and gave poor Stevo a right stuffing.  He tried to kidnap Steven's girlfriend at the time Kelly but he was again brought to justice and never seen again. Surprising really, given how easily people break out of that jail.






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