Chloe was superb. Kristy Wright should have got an Oscar for her performances. Her dad was a racist and objected to her going out with Jack who was of Lebanese origin. She went off to live with Irene and had many happy adventures. You can read more about her early days here.

She reappeared years later. Jesse was interested in her and things were looking promising between them. Unfortunately, Jesse got drunk and crashed into Chloe’s car. She survived until the hospital but died of internal injuries. Jesse was sent to jail and Chloe’s daughter went to live with her Granny despite Irene’s protests. Oh Gawd.






4 responses to “Chloe”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Hmm,I just blank these episodes out,they did NOT happen,Chloe did NOT die.Jesse did go to jail though.Hated him.

  2. Mal Avatar

    I was very sad the day Chloe left us. Her memory will live on.

  3. Katherine Avatar

    How could you hate Jesse? He was the buffest bad boy in the bay.

  4. Mal Avatar

    I hate Jesse for what he did to Chloe. “I hope you rot in hell”, as Alf might say.

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