Where there’s smoke…

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Bianca’s memory loss is becoming dangerous. Heath and Bianca fell asleep after she started cooking, she forgot to keep an eye on it due to her amnesia. Ricky & Casey came along and rescued them from the flames. Casey tried to help by getting Nate to check Bianca out, which prompted a Heath explosion, he went mad because he wants to deal with his wife’s illness on his own. Bianca was having lunch in the diner when a mobile phone ring tone reminded her of the bomb blast, maybe she’ll be cured now?

The mystery of the stolen bracelet is only partially solved. Jett and Veej know that Marilyn stole the money from Alf and that Roo got the blame but neither Roo nor Alf know yet, this won’t last long. Jett is holding her to ransom with a bit of blackmail. He is getting her to do the punishment chores that John is giving him, she’s been waxing boards and washing jeeps. Jett isn’t going to get away with this for long, even VJ told him to give her a rest but as soon as they decided to do the right thing they were sprung by Alf and John. When they confronted Marilyn she confessed everything about her theft of the money in 1989. Alf was fine about it and forgave Marilyn but Jett is in big trouble with John.

Josh & Andy are broke. They owe rent on the caravan and only have 100 dollars left. They had to share a toasted sambo down the diner for their dinner. Casey offered Andy an advance on his wages but he flipped out at the offer. Josh wants to drop out of school so that he can get a job but Andy went back to Casey and secured an advance. All’s well that ends well. Casey gave Andy the cash from his own wallet, is there no cash register in the gym?

Party time

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Jett and Veej came up with an amazing party plan, have it in Irene’s while she is away. Chris and Spencer were sure that the other bro had organised it but once they came back to find it in full swing they decided to go with the flow and they got to partying. All was good until Irene came back and caught them in the act. She’s going to have some time punishing Chris and Spencer for their carry-on.

Things are not going smoothly on the farm. The twins were annoyed with Zac over Ethan’s funeral arrangements. They went off in a huff but when Zac brought them back home from the party they had a big chat and it’s going to be fine now, they’ll set up as a proper family.

Some odd dude from Andy’s past turned up in the Bay asking questions about the elder Barrett bro. He turned up at the party and heard that Casey had taken Andy on in the gym, where he was locking up. Andy could be in a for a bashing.

So many questions

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Throughout that episode, I mostly asked questions. Like:

  • Where’s VJ?
  • Did Oscar really have that bad a first day at school?
  • How many people live in Leah’s? Seven apparently.
  • Why is Ricky still living in the Braxton house?
  • Who is in charge of Angelo’s? Surely not Kyle?
  • Is Montgomery the one who graffiti’d Bianca’s office?
  • How come Montgomery is allowed to treat students like dirt? No staff reviews there obviously.
  • Why did the doc allow Josh to stay at home?


Fly in the ointment

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Everything is going well between Indigo and Chris, so in typical Summer Bay style, his ex, Robyn, turned up.  Chris thought they were broken up but she thinks they are still going strong.  He needs to let her down gently so that he get back to Indi, in her head, they had something special, but it was only a 3 day fling to him.  But he couldn’t summon up the courage to tell her the truth about Indi and gave Robyn a hug, which Indi oversaw.  He’s in trouble now.

Zac and Ricky are trying to get through to Evelyn in the bush.  It’s the twins birthday but a childhood memory wasn’t the way she remembered and it turns out that Zac wasn’t the monster she thought he was.  She decided to leave her father with the cult and stay with Hannah and her bro.

Leah is having a hard time keeping the truth about Oscar and Hannah being runaways from the cult.  VJ is happy that he has somebody to beat in his video games.  One of the creepy cult members showed up in the Bay looking for Zac.  Unfortunately VJ let slip that they’re living in his house so he called over and isn’t leaving until the twins return, then he’s going to take them back to their Dad.

Sad case

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Casey’s depressed so he’s resorted to the only logical solution to make things better, hit the grog at work. What a great plan? He’s a smart fella. It was all going swimmingly until Maddy decided to take a swig out of it on the beach. She confronted him over it and he agreed to give her a drink, the fool. The two of them went on the lock in the gym and got wasted. Roo found them there and was unimpressed. Casey is a dead man, he deserves to be fired if not jail for letting a minor get drunk on the premises. Roo gave Maddy a serve but she turned it back on Roo.

April has a new boss at work who’s a dragon. She treating April badly and April is going to extreme lengths to impress her. This is going to end badly.

VJ apologised to Nina for accusing her in the wrong, she never stole his Pokemon card in the first place. The kids are all mates again except for Jett who’s in the dog house with Nina. He’s been dumped and she won’t take him back. What if Veej and Nina end up going out? Poor Jett will freak out.

It’s fiesta time

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Dex, Indi and April decided that they were going to have a mexican fiesta night with tacos, sombreros and fake moustaches. Those three are party animals.

Maddy and Spencer are best mates again now, even to the point of rolling around on the beach in their swimwear. Things are much smoother between them now that Sasha is out of the picture, or is she? Welcome back Sasha, your Bay needs you. She got sick of living in the bush with Dr. Sid, plus she missed a certain Spencer. He seemed a bit awkward around her when she met him at his van. Maddy didn’t seem too happy to see her so she went to the farm and gave her a serve, which left Sasha in tears, surprisingly. Why would she give a damn what she thinks? She’s worried that she’s messed it up with Spencer, turn’s out she’s right. He reckons she hurt him once and he’s not willing to let it happen again.

Veej and Jett are very suss about Pippa and her illness. They know something is up, which isn’t surprising given Sally and Bianca were discussing it in the corridor. Miss Scott took Zac out for a walk to go through her condition, which gave the young lads their opportunity to break into the office and check out Pippa’s file. Now they know what it is, they were able to look it up, the cat’s out of the bag. They decided to go have a chat with her, they didn’t realise she was unaware of it. Wait until John and Leah get hold of them, they’ll be hell to pay.

Bianca is having a principal’s dinner at the school, her first one. Since when is this a thing? I don’t remember any of the other principals holding one. Heath doesn’t want to go as he has to wear a suit, maybe he could turn up in his shorts and topless, his usual attire.

Optimus Prime in the microwave

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Casey revealed that when they were young, Heath put his Optimus Prime into the microwave when he was young. Casey is still hurting over it. Similarly Veej is still hurt over Nina stealing his Pokemon card when they were 9. It’s still a problem for him and he doesn’t want to be friends with Jett while they’re going out. Jett staged an intervention between them both. VJ told him to get stuffed and forced him to choose between mate and girlfriend. He chose Nina.

Sasha and Spencer had a showdown with Maddy. The truth is out in the open now, no more skulking around. Maddy said she was fine with their relationship but then she lost it in the diner when she saw them hold hands. Spencer found her at the bait shop for a chat and she’s ok about it now but doesn’t want to be the third wheel in their relationship.

Why does the Braxton house have a load of Samurai Swords on the wall? Surely that’s the last thing they need with their combustable tempers and propensity to row.

Ricky showed up and she’s going to give it a go with Brax. Should be easier now her evil bro is behind bars. She feels bad over what happened to Casey but Brax is trying to absolve her of any blame. Casey freaked out when he came home and found her pashing Brax. Cue the crazy eyes from Casey. Brax told him it wasn’t Ricky’s fault. Casey then decided to phone Tamara’s mother for some reason. What’s he up to?

And with that, they’re gone. No home and away until September 9th. What are we going to do?


Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Celia is back in the Bay to stay; she was conned by some handsome divil and has nowhere else to go. So, she got a job down the diner, where she promptly irritated Irene to the point where she nearly said “Gawd save Ireland”. Marilyn was supposed to give Celia the boot, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Spencer had a chat to Roo and told her his and Maddie’s parents are brown bread. So they’ll be hanging around the Bay, sleeping in boats and such. Are they really brother and sister, or is it a Shannon and Curtis situation? Either way, Roo wants to adopt them, so they’ll be enrolling in SBH any second.

Jett is back on the Veej-hunt. He tackled Liam about it, and Liam roared at him. Then Indi consoled him. Now Jett 4 Indi 4 eva.

No bro code

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Casey made a recovery from his poor reaction to Sasha’s news yesterday. “Why doesn’t she just take the test?” was my first thought. She took it eventually and all the worry was unnecessary. Casey wants to get it on with Sash but is worried about conducting a relationship through bars, but Sasha couldn’t care less, she’s willing to carry on regardless.

Leah lost it when she found Jamie hanging around in her gaff with VJ. She told him he was dumped and he accepted it, kind of. What’s his story? He seems obsessed with Veej.

John and Gina are living together once again and seem happy about it. They broke out the champers, quare posh.

Who put you up to this?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Bianca is on the warpath. Everybody is interfering in her business. She can’t even take prescription drugs and space out in peace without having half the Bay all up in her grill. First Natalie stuck her nose in, then Irene poked around, but Liam calling over to “talk” was the last straw. She rang Heath and gave him an earful then gave Liam and Natalie a serve in Angelo’s.

He had other things to worry about, like roaming around the city in the rain with Brax. They’re on a Kyle hunt and managed to find a place he’d be staying but the girl staying there said he’d gone. Where next for the brothers Braxton? I don’t think they’d make good detectives as Kyle was there all along. He decided to leg it when he figured out the boys were after him but changed his mind and organised a showdown under the bridge, plus he brought some backup. Get ready for some bashing.

If Natalie and Brax don’t get back together, then how about Liam and Natalie as a new couple? They are both involved in problem solving/advising/general nosiness.

Leah went on a lunch date with Jamie in a massive gaff. He managed to talk her into it despite her initial reservations, but what’s he hiding? He cooks a mean moussaka but I suspect he has a secret or two up his sleeve. He seems very interested in young Veej for some reason.

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