Harley, is it?

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

I have a question: why does Heath have the baby if the ma isn’t dead yet?

Harley started roaring when he met Cheryl, an appropriate response, some might say.

Matt was trying to be all things to his little sister while their da is in jail. Sasha has some form in this area, so she convinced Matt to hand the young one over to DOCS. In fairness to Matt, at least he didn’t make Ellie live in a toilet.

Leah is still in hospital but her liver is on the mend, so no donor for her. Jett is delira and Veej is nowhere to be seen.

P.S. DANNY WAS A DOG! Good woman Cheryl.

So many questions

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Throughout that episode, I mostly asked questions. Like:

  • Where’s VJ?
  • Did Oscar really have that bad a first day at school?
  • How many people live in Leah’s? Seven apparently.
  • Why is Ricky still living in the Braxton house?
  • Who is in charge of Angelo’s? Surely not Kyle?
  • Is Montgomery the one who graffiti’d Bianca’s office?
  • How come Montgomery is allowed to treat students like dirt? No staff reviews there obviously.
  • Why did the doc allow Josh to stay at home?


Leah and Veej return

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Emm…we missed Home and Away today, but an ardent fan told us Leah and Veej are back! They’ve been gone since early February; there must be great money in burgers and salads.

Did Leah head straight for the kitchen? Is Irene back too? Was the reunion scene between Veej and Jett heart-warming?


Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Celia is back in the Bay to stay; she was conned by some handsome divil and has nowhere else to go. So, she got a job down the diner, where she promptly irritated Irene to the point where she nearly said “Gawd save Ireland”. Marilyn was supposed to give Celia the boot, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Spencer had a chat to Roo and told her his and Maddie’s parents are brown bread. So they’ll be hanging around the Bay, sleeping in boats and such. Are they really brother and sister, or is it a Shannon and Curtis situation? Either way, Roo wants to adopt them, so they’ll be enrolling in SBH any second.

Jett is back on the Veej-hunt. He tackled Liam about it, and Liam roared at him. Then Indi consoled him. Now Jett 4 Indi 4 eva.

Harvey Bucks

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Even when someone is doing Haaaavey a favour, he’s a moany waste of space. Now his “mate” Winston has kidnapped him, as part of a buck’s night caper. Hope they don’t accidentally drive off Stewart’s Point…(fingers crossed)!

Jamie is still hanging around, being weird. He is pretending to be Veej on iChat, so Jett will get Leah’s location out of Liam. Phew. Good continuation of storyline, in fairness.

Marilyn hasn’t organised Roo’s hen; she totally forgot. Bet ten million euros they go to Angelo’s.

Lisa exited stage left. She told Sid she will break up with Neil, but wants to put some distance between herself and the Walkers first. Looks like Dex will be getting a new physio.

Did yis hear Sally’s coming back?

Courtroom drama-rama

Friday, February 1st, 2013

We watched two episodes in a row there. Two DEADLY episodes.

Creepy Jamie sent Leah a picture of herself sleeping; she went nuts so Liam got the Guards. The worst cop of all time showed up to investigate. He basically told Leah he didn’t believe her, and it was her own fault for sleeping with Jamie. Come back Jack, all is forgiven.

So, Leah and Veej shipped out, they’re going on an extended holiday. It seems if your soap-ma gets pregnant, it means no wages for you while she’s on maternity leave. No wonder Veej wants to stay in the Bay with his mates.

Casey’s trial is in full swing. He had a panic attack at the start, but Kyle and Tamara saved the day by sticking up for him. Kyle obvs wants to be one of The Boize.

However, things took a nosedive when Nosey Nat took the stand. She revealed Casey’s anger management problems, so now his chances of freedom look slim.

The prosecution missed a trick not getting Angry Teacher to take the stand.

angry teacher with a bloody nose

Lisa’s husband is looking for her; he’s locked Indi in Angelo’s. There are too many creepy weirdos in the Bay at the moment.

Marilyn is dying to be Roo’s maid of honour, while Harvey has no mates to be groomsmen. He’ll probably ask his sworn enemy, Romeo.

Dex is back to his best

Monday, January 28th, 2013

It’s great to have the old Dex back. He’s cracking jokes and asking for group hugs. Lisa is very impressed with his progress. Maybe himself and April will move out again once she’s finished her HSE. They are a cute couple in fairness.

Adam kicked Liam out of the party after finding him snooping around the house. Liam found a photo of Leah and Veej that Jamie had photoshopped and robbed. Leah flipped when she saw it but still doesn’t want to get the cops involved.

Liam and Heath have joined forces to free Bianca from Adam’s clutches. Her brain is gone missing due to grief and drugs, she thinks staying in Adam’s place is a great idea and won’t listen to Liam or Heath. Even April and Irene can’t get through to her. Where’s Brax in all of this? He seems to have gone missing while Adam is running amok.

Sid and Lisa are getting on well now she’s living in the farm but her psycho ex isn’t taking it well. He ambushed Sid outside the farm and bashed him to the ground. I hope Lisa has scarpered before he catches up with her.

Jamie is a nutjob

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Jamie is a mentalist. He wrecked the diner after Leah broke it off with him. And now, this….


The plot thickens

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Aha, Adam and Jamie are father and son. They’re in the Bay to do a job. Leah very obviously overheard them saying so in the Surf Club, but strangely, they didn’t spot her crouching right beside them on the stairs.

Leah is raging because Jamie took Veej out on a jet-ski. What’s the buzz there I wonder?

Marilyn went on two dates, and her hair was amazing! The first fella was a no-go, but the second chap was into tarot, and even has a new-age bookshop in Yabbie Creek. Perfect! Mr. JP was hanging about, and quizzing the suitor, so Marilyn gave him a right telling off. She’s like a new woman with that new hair.

Adam has roped Liam into helping him with the “job”; if he does, Adam will leave Bianca alone. Yeah, right, Murphy!

Romeo revolution

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Romeo has managed to kick the ‘roids and reclaim his wife but what about the surf carnival? This beach bum has a crown to reclaim, or does he? Indi seemed to have a positive influence on him, letting him know that the carnival wasn’t the be all and end all, so he ditched it, favouring long term paralysis over short term glory.

Dex told Sid that his therapist had been married, which was a big deal at the start but then Lisa told Dex that the marriage was long over. Lisa met Sid in Angelo’s, the only romantic destination in the bay. They could have a future, they’re responsible professionals, with a sense of humour and reality, not something you get everyday by the beach.

VJ and Jett have a good con on the go. They’re getting money from John and Gina, clever boys. While VJ distracted John, Jett robbed the place blind I predict these lads will end up as criminal masterminds. But just as they thought things were getting “awesome”, John and Gina snared them on the beach with the fireworks; tough luck lads, you’re in trouble now.

No Home and Away until January, what are we going to do?

bring back miles
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