Marilyn loves emoji

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Marilyn loves emoji. Of course she does. I bet she signs off every text xxxx M heart heart heart smiley face.

Jett had his very swish first date with Nina. They did some ridiculous things like texting each other instead of talking, and letting their pizza go cold. Overall, though, it was a success.

John invited Marilyn along to keep him company. I hope Gina’s not spinning in her grave.

Heath realised that he jumped the gun in asking Bianca to have another baby. She had an extreme reaction, saying she doesn’t want another baby, ever. In normal life, this would be a fairly dramatic decision. However, this is Home and Away, so EVER probably means…until winter.

Maddie is being a boring sap and mooning over Spencer, who she dumped, by the way. She put on a Roo-dress-in-training and is determined to win him back. I don’t care though.

I wonder how Irene is getting on in Greece. Has she changed her expression to Gawd Save Greece? Has she met her own Tom Conti?*


*Hat tip to PeterKevin there!

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