The maddest eyes ever

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Zach knocked around to Chez Braxton to tell Casey he have to head back to the clink. Casey proceeded to do the wildest eyes I have ever seen. I’m surprised he didn’t have a rage stroke. I’m also surprised Zach didn’t burn to a crisp under Casey’s extreme glare.

Tamara had a stupid row with Gina over the school uniform. Casey cannily spotted the real issue – she’s scared of going back to school.

Casey is now doing the TPC or the TCP or whatever. He’s not attempting the HSC anymore. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Tilda got her comeuppance as Jett wrote her essay, detailing how she is a bully and how “Jett James is the hottest guy in school”. Another HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA for you, Tilda.

Maddie and Roo made up. I would have kicked Maddie out on her ear, she is the most ungrateful yoke.

Luke Mitchell aka Romeo is here, I presume it’s to Save Ireland seeing as Gawd hasn’t done it yet. Here he is on TwoTube:

Drinking from the fountain of knowledge

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Sasha thinks she’s going to vom for some reason, I hope she doesn’t get it all over Dex now that he’s the most popular man on campus again. He’s stoked to be back in the swing of things. Dex says that Uni is going so well that it feels like he’s drinking from the fountain of knowledge. April confided in Sasha that Uni didn’t go quite so well for her. She also wants Dex back, but he remains oblivious to the fact. Sasha pushed them back together and they eventually admitted that things hadn’t been going as well as they had been letting on. Hopefully they’ll get back together and quit their messing.

Jett is still being bullied by Tilda. Sasha interrupted the latest incident and told him to rat her out to Gina, but Jett thinks it’s pointless for some reason. He later reluctantly agreed though, and John was called in for the consultation with the head mistress. They told him to turn the other cheek, which he’s trying to do, but it’s tough going. Gina called the ma in but she turns out to be a wagon who thinks her daughter can do no wrong. Tilda hasn’t let up and is continuing to abuse Jett, hard old station for him.

Liam is at a low ebb again. He’s been sacked from his job for theft, and his ex-wife is getting re-married to his arch enemy. He had a heart to heart with Irene where she told him he’d bounce back. He took his ill-gotten gains from Angelo’s and posted them to his son. Then he mounted his bike and sped off. Is that the end of the rock god’s Bayside stay? If so, he’s gone out with a wimper rather than a bang.

TwoTube are going to have a special guest in studio tomorrow, none other than Luke Mitchell who plays Romeo, they should ask him how the new gym is going.

The grand opening

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The big day has finally arrived and the Summer Bay body and soul gym is open for business, big congratulations to Romeo, Indi and Sid. There was all manner of commotion with the power being out but Alf saved the day by bring over a backup generator. I look forward to many fitness related storylines from now on.

Kyle left Brax a note to say he’s hitting the road but then changed his mind and took the note with him. Tamara had told him that he’ll never be a Braxton, no matter how hard he tries, so he decided it was time to cut his losses and head off.

Jett was getting bullied by Tilda again. She even tried claiming that Jett bashed her but her made up bruise ran when she started crying. Gina was having none of it but has seen through the young pretender. Hopefully that’s the end of that storyline as it was ridiculous.


Monday, April 8th, 2013

Courtney is an amazing rubbish baddie, cast in the Summer Bay mould that also begot Johnny and Hammer. Casey has a vendetta against him, and got stabbed in a big bad-boy bash-up. Casey just has no luck.

Tilda told Gina that she bullied Jett because she fancies him. Gina must have spent the morning in a ditch, on the batter, because she believed Tilda. Poor form, Gina.

Indi and Romeo’s gym was about to open, and they were juggling meetings like old pros. But when Sid called around for a look, the fuses blew and the power went out. Time to get a sparky in. John Palmer had a go, and almost set the place on fire. The power in Angelo’s was also affected; Liam couldn’t even open the till to nick some cash.

Brax spilled his guts to Natalie, and she knocked him back. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

Tattoo tales

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Heath got a grenade on his neck because he liked blowing stuff up as a child. That’s amazing. Celia is unimpressed with his body art and doesn’t think Bianca should be going out with him. She decided to stick her nose in and tell them how to live their lives, I’m surprised he didn’t stitch her a head butt, instead it made him pluck up the courage to propose to Bianca.

Jett is still having bullying issues with Tilda. Gina got Sasha to talk to the boy but he feels he deserves the bullying for his past ways, low self esteem issues.

Sasha’s mate Rosie is getting very clingy, in a stalker way. She’s possessive and jealous, I can’t see that friendship ending well. She bought Sasha a friendship bracelet, which reminded me of Joey’s “bestest buds” bracelets in Friends.

Roo and Harvey are vying for supremacy with Spencer’s dad. He is trying to control his son’s life but the kids are having none of it. Roo and Harvey are taking them in so they can stay in the Bay and start new lives in the caravan park. Spencer told his Da to shove it, and he slinked off with a massive puss on his face. Serves him right, the tool.

Maddie and Spencer redux

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Maddie and Spencer are back in town. He arrived first, and Roo sent him packing in search of his true love. His true love, however, showed up 15 minutes later, so there was a dramatic “stop the bus!” moment. Spencer’s dad then showed up at the caravan park to demand his son’s return. Best of luck with that, daddio.

Tilda is being an awful dickhead to poor oul’ Jett. She gave him another dig in the stomach, but this time John Palmer showed up. Hopefully she will get her comeuppance now.

Dex and April broke up again. She is heading off to college, so that’s probably the last we’ll see of her.

Grudge match

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

How is Heath Liam’s boss in Angelo’s? I thought Liam was the manager and Brax is the owner so I don’t know where Heath comes into it. Heath seemed pretty happy that Liam punched him as it gave him an excuse to fire him, well, pretend to fire him before giving him one last chance, as long as he accepts a demotion. Liam has to suck it up as he needs the money for his son. There are no other options for a man his age given he’s already worked in the school. Turns out Heath is rubbish at managing the place and is running it into the ground.

Jett is in group D according to Tilda/Hanna, a stuck up cow who is in group A. Jett should threaten her with violence and take her lunch money, getting back to his roots. She punched him first, why does he put up with her bullying? He’d kick her ass.

Everyone is looking for work in the diner. Sasha, Rosie and Tamara all asked for a job but Irene couldn’t help them out. Sasha is annoyed with April for helping Tamara find somewhere to live. There’s still a fair bit of bad blood between Sash and her love rival Tamara, now she’s got it in for April and even threw a paper ball at her head in school, which Gina managed to miss somehow. I wouldn’t mess with Sasha, she holds a mean grudge.

Super sleuth Sasha copped on that Rosie doesn’t have a sister and “Hanna” was hired help rather than a blood relation. Rosie flipped when Sasha confronted her and stormed off. Never one to be easily put off she followed her mate home and saw her feeding fish in a fish tank. Not that mysterious, is it?

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