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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Where to start? April’s dress, with all of the boobage. RUBY’S HAIR! Alf dancing awesomely. Dexter and Xavier rapping and later scrapping.

Most of all, RUBY’S HAIR. What was the story there? Was it a Pocahontas thing?

Casey’s out of juvie, for good behaviour. He is going to The City with Ruby, despite her hair.

Stu spiked the punch, then slapped Sasha. Sid saw it, YES! And bate lumps out of Stu. FULLY BASHED.

Corpulence, conflict and corruption

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Harvey is continuing to spread rumours about John Palmer and his corrupt ways. Roo got involved and asked him to stop, to no avail. Rumours tend to get believed in small towns like the bay so John’s in strife with the council now, they want him to resign. Harvey needs stopping asap.

Miles is heading for a fall. He seems to think himself and Leah are headed for a reconciliation but Leah has other ideas and lied to him on the phone. To top it all, Colleen told him that he was looking a bit fat. I’m surprised how thin he is considering he stuffs his face in most scenes.

Sash is in hospital with her infection. Stu had a showdown with Sid, who got a taste of his anger. The doc won’t let him anywhere near Sasha now. But he got the impression that Stu convinced her to get the tattoo, which isn’t true and she didn’t set her Dad straight, future conflict alert. Xavier seems happy enough to hang around the hospital, waiting for her condition to improve. Isn’t he a bit old for Sasha, she’s only 15.

The new doc

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Mink is hanging around like a bad smell. Somehow she thinks there is loads of money in the Bank of Romeo. Indi even offered to give her her day spa voucher, and she threw it on the ground. Inconsiderate cahhhhh. Romeo later said he’d have money for her by the end of the week. But Mink isn’t allowed to tell Indi. Bad move Romeo.

Sid met new Doctor Kerrie at Irene’s and asked her out for lunch. Irene found out Roo still has eyes for the doc and got into a terrible fluster. She told Sid, who wasn’t impressed with Kerrie’s lack of opinions anyway.

Stu made friends with Sid and got Sasha’s grounding lifted. Sasha reluctantly went to the beach with The Basher. Later Xavier found her moaning on a bench, and took her to hospital. I call infected tattoo. Xave must have enjoyed that, normally he’s the patient.

I kissed a girl and I liked it

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Was what Dex was saying, well almost. It was more the reaction he got in the diner that he liked rather than the actual kiss itself. Needless to say, April didn’t like it. It’ll take some time for things to get back to normal with them, if ever.

Harvey is blackmailing John Palmer over receiving gifts as a councillor. He said he’d drop it if Roo got back with him. What is it with ex boyfriends trying to blackmail their ex girlfriends recently between him and Stu?

Indi started her internship which involved buying coffee for Dennis and posing in her bikini. She’s clearly headed for the top of the business world. Romeo was none too pleased when he found out and tried to lay down the law, expecting her to be the obedient wife but she was having none of it. Not really turning out to be wedded bliss for the newlyweds.

Mink is back, great news. She was a right royal pain in the hole the first time round, doubt anything’s changed there.

Ruby was having yet another bad hair day. What the hell Roobs?

ruby hair


Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The net is closing in on April, albeit veeeeery slowly. Sid discovered pages missing from his prescription pad and reported it, but told Charlie he thinks Stu did it. Charlie called to Brax to find out, only to see him playing happy couples with the lawyer and a load of fruit. She later cried to Charlie, saying “it’s really over”. Brax deleted Charlie from his phone. Hopefully now they’ll be sworn enemies. Entertaining.

Sasha gave out to Stu for hitting her, so he bought her a massive ring. I foresee more bashings in her future. I also have my fingers crossed that Sid will eventually bash Stu.

Bianca and Irene think April’s behaviour is fishy. She won Dux of the school, whatever that is. Bianca was thrilled, but Dr. April just looked bamboozled. Curious.

bring back miles
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