Romeo, Romeo, how dumb are you Romeo?

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Romeo is a sap. He is risking his gammy knee to enter the Summer Bay Surf Carnival. I got the impression it was a small-town, local affair, not the bleedin’ OLYMPICS! In any case, he’s getting his steroids from new dad Heath. Oh, Bianca is going to love this!

Roo and Harvey are still contemplating their future. Roo is pretty annoyed, but it’s not as though she didn’t have her own dalliance. I want to pick a side, but I just don’t care enough.

Gina and John are still at odds, over nothing. Zzzzzzzz. At least Gina remembered she had sons in today’s episode.

Ow, me knee

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

There are romantic disasters a-plenty in Summer Bay at the moment.

Harvey went to his ex’s house after he misunderstood the state of his relationship with Roo. Handily, Lottie was at some camp or other. Harvey’s ex seemed to have undergone a personality transplant; she was very giggly and quite nice. Of course, Harvey couldn’t resist the allure of her mild hospitality, and they ended up kissing.

Meanwhile, a despondent Roo was phoning him over and over. What a bleedin’ mess.

The high point of this episode was an amazing montage in which Romeo dashed into the surf, out of the surf, carried a surfboard, and just started sprinting. Unfortunately, the montage ended in a sickening crunch, which meant he’d only gone and done his knee in again. Dr. Sid was none too impressed.

While sitting injured in the Diner, Romeo ran into Indi, who announced that she and Liam were no more. Despite his gammy knee, Romeo got on his high horse and told Indi he couldn’t support her in her break-up, when she’d given up on their marriage so easily. Eh, hello Romeo? What about living and having a pretendy-baby with Ruby?

Back at the gaff, Romeo started quizzing Marilyn on alternative therapies for his knee. When she couldn’t help him, he went online and started researching steroids. Uh-oh! (Bet Heath could get him some)

bring back miles
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