Kidnap and torture

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

RTE player staff got a bit confused with Friday’s episode. This sounds like a plot from ten years ago.

RTE player out of date info

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Cody and his toughs turned up to get some info on Andy’s whereabouts. First they put the hurt on Casey at the gym but all that succeeded in doing was dragging Brax away from the house to rescue his bro. Little did he know that this was what they wanted all along. As soon as he left Braxton Towers for the gym, they went over to capture Josh and Evelyn, who they took to the farm for kidnap and interrogation. Kyle is going to be annoyed when he finds out, some kidnapping in the Bay that he wasn’t involved in. Where was Kyle anyway? The lads forced Josh to leave a message for Andy, telling him to come and rescue them. Will the selfish mongrel turn up? What if Oscar and Hannah show up first?

John got a surprise when Shandi turned up in the diner. They had a chat on the beach and seemed to have straightened things out a bit. Everything was going fine until he told her about Jett; she lost the plot when she heard he had a foster son. Things will be a bit bumpy for a while but she’ll be grand once she acclimatises to the Bayside way of life.

Safe house

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Brax just cannot help himself. If there is a problem to be fixed, he can’t ignore it for long. He gave Andy money from Angelo’s, as a loan, to pay off the dealers. Andy disappeared and now there are angry dealers and an angry Kyle to put up with. The newest Braxton is not impressed that his managerial status was undermined.

We haven’t actually seen the dealers. It would be great if they were really posh, or old women, or something unexpected like that. Or if Morag was their ringleader, or Colleen. Awesome.

Ricky was winning in the mad fashion stakes today. Behold:

Gúna úafasach

Gúna úafasach

Marilyn finally confessed that she’s invited Shandi to the wedding. John didn’t mind too much, but now he’ll have to tell Jett he has a daughter. Eh, surely that came up in the adoption process, no?

Andy goes AWOL

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Casey and Josh are looking for Andy, he’s gone missing and isn’t answering their calls. It turns out the dealers kidnapped him and gave him a good bashing. They dumped him on the side of the road where Hannah found him. When he was found he had a hoodie on but when he arrived into the hospital he was topless. Did Hannah take his clothes off en route? Maybe Nate prescribed a prolonged spell of toplessness for him.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 20.17.24

Andy told Casey to get Josh out of town as the lads who bashed him are coming back for him and his bro. Even Hannah isn’t safe. Now that he’s in his hour of need will Brax have a change or heart and save him at the last minute?

Maddy started her new job in the gym but it’s not going quite as she planned. She has loads of new ideas for programs and classes but Casey isn’t interested as she isn’t a qualified instructor. Instead of all that he has cleaning the showers and the toilets. So glamourous, worth leaving school for.

John wanted to invite Xavier to the wedding, one small problem, he hasn’t told him that himself and Marilyn are engaged. He rang him with the good news but Xavi can’t make the wedding anyway, which is a pity. Marilyn invited Shandi, Josh’s daughter but she didn’t tell John, he’ll get a surprise when she shows up. Is it possible for John and Marilyn to go through an episode without some sort of miscommunication where one of them gets the wrong end of the stick?


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The truth is revealed!  At last we know whodunit.  Will finished Penn off with Alf’s knife.  Daria/Shandi knew the story and was there while it happened.

Alf is in the clear now and Will’s going away for a long time unless he can convince the court it was self defence. He’ll be banged up in the big house.

Who’ll take care of Lilly now?  She should go back to her mother Gypsy but I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene tried to keep her.

I’m glad that’s over with.  Penn was a pain in the hole.  Will did us all a favour by stabbing him. But the inquest has dragged on for bleedin’ ages.  Is it time that Det Robert Robertson fecked off now?

A gut feeling

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

What’s this? Detective Robertson is questioning himself?  Is it possible that he was wrong?  Wrong about Alf being a murderer? If he was wrong about that, then he could be wrong about everything. Robert’s gut has let him down.

John had a meeting with the real Shandi, his real daughter, not Daria the Shandi impersonator and con woman.  Angelo and Charlie decided to team up for some police work, just like old times.  Angelo went undercover posing as Will to entrap Daria. It worked a treat and she fell for the bait hook line and sinker.  Why is Angelo doing undercover cop work? I thought he was a restauranteur now?

Handy Shandi

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

So, who was Shandi? Oooooh. She must have been some killer spy type. Or maybe she was Penn’s sister, swooping in from the city to exact revenge. Or a jilted lover. Or another mental case. But…why is Will protecting her? Strange, very strange. In any case, Alf is screwed unless Will comes back and tells all.

April is moving back in with Irene. She didn’t seem to ask Irene first, but, stuff it, she won’t mind.

Return of the Bay

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Yahoo Home and Away is back.  I’m glad to see not much has changed. You still have to book your flight and leave the Bay the very same day, as demonstrated by Vittorio and Shandi.  However, Vittorio decided to hang back and take it to the next level with Bianca.  Just in time, Vittorio, because Rockstar Liam Murphy is ringing yer missus.

Ruby fancies her driving instructor, and the feelings are mutual.  So much so that it makes her act like a moron down the Diner.  She’s really good at parallel parking though.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Two proposals and two surprise answers!  Bianca is engaged (again) to Vittorio.  Cue Liam Murphy.

Gina told Palmer to get bent though.  She says he’s just afraid of dying.  Bit harsh, headmistress.

Obviously schooled by Angelo in releasing unnecessary information, Miles told John he kissed his daughter, Shandi.  John looked like he didn’t even know who Milco was.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Angelo is a sap.  He liked the look of young Shandi Palmer and had bold thoughts about her.  Immediately, he confessed these thoughts to Charlie, who went (I think it’s fair to say) mental.  Then, Charlie made a big decision and…duh duh DUH!…asked Angelo to move in with her.  Much ado about nothing.

Shandi Palmer, though.  What a gal.  She was smooching with Miles when she told him oul’ JPIII is her dad.  He didn’t like that at all!

Another person who doesn’t like how a relationship is going is young Xave.  He’s none too impressed at the news that John “the Palmer” Palmer is going to propose to his ma.  What I want to know is, what’s the big deal?  They’re already living together, young man!

bring back miles
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