Schoolies 2013

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

There’ll be more storylines in Summer Bay High School next year. My guesses are:

  • Bianca having a hissy fit when she realises she can’t bring Rocco to school with her
  • Casey doing the HSE for the tenth time
  • Natalie having a breakdown because she can’t know everyone’s business at once
  • Gina upping the discipline and using a cane
  • Jett doing a dirty protest



Jack cops on

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Poor Jack – he may not be Martha’s baby-daddy. To be honest, it’s probably better for the child if he’s not. I’d wager Roman’s DNA is substantially better than Jack’s. For one, Roman’s got the cooking gene. He’s also an all-round nice guy. Jack’s child would be a little slow on the uptake to say the least, liable to put his/her foot in it, and completely ignorant of authority.

Computer security in the school is fairly lax. The students’ computers all have access to the whole network, including the headmaster’s computer. Plus, Macs in Summer Bay are very susceptible to viruses. Come to think of it, no-one in Summer Bay owns a PC. Maybe they only sell them in the city.

bring back miles
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all the dead

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