It’s baaaack!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’m so excited, I’m gonna live blog this episode, here goes:

Argh, shut up about sport, RTE people!
I forgot about Harvey’s stupid face!
Also forgot about Sid’s declaration of love!
Harvey’s in the “barbecue area”.
Roo is keeping Harvey at bay cos of the doc.
Romeo slacking on his dinner preparations, very slow chopping.
Marilyn’s hair is lovely.
Roo and Marilyn having a girlie chat about boys.
Miles and Veej hanging out on beach.
Colleen driving sick Irene mad.
There’s going to be a surprise fundraiser for Irene.
Harvey putting pressure on Alf re: Blaxland.
“Just because I’m your son, doesn’t mean you can control everything I do”. Veej demands RESPECT.
Miles is very philosophical about the break-up. Veej thinks it’s Leah’s fault.


Poor Irene is crying. Awwww. Cancer’s no joke.
Alf says Colleen’s mouth works overtime. He’s not wrong.
Irene is not on for leaving the house.
Alf’s under orders to wear pink for the fundraiser.
“Are you using me to get Dad’s boat”, sez Roo to Harvey.
Veej and Leah rowing. IM NEARLY THIRTEEN.
Marilyn coaxing Irene out of house. Very persuasive.
Roo and Harvey row, Alf kicks him out. IN YER FACE HARVEY
Irene stunned at fundraiser, makes speech.
Palmer in pink cowboy hat.
Roo calls to farm, Romeo can lease Blaxland again, Sid says forget about his declaration of love.
The ladies have wine, cake and biscuits.
Veej getting a bus outta town. I bet he’s going to THE CITY.

Silly buggers

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

It was the day of the surf carnival and Mangrove River were playing silly buggers on the beach. That must be the effect of having Ruby on their team.

Palmer and Gary were slinging some good insults back and forth. I think Gary should stick around the Bay. Suck it up, tubster. He did suck it up when he had a non-lethal heart attack!

The girls had “Summer Bay” on the arses of their bikinis haha.

Charlie got a bottle to the head. She fell two seconds later.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Two proposals and two surprise answers!  Bianca is engaged (again) to Vittorio.  Cue Liam Murphy.

Gina told Palmer to get bent though.  She says he’s just afraid of dying.  Bit harsh, headmistress.

Obviously schooled by Angelo in releasing unnecessary information, Miles told John he kissed his daughter, Shandi.  John looked like he didn’t even know who Milco was.


Monday, November 1st, 2010

There was Bianca, all glammed up for her non-date with her non-boyfriend Liam, when the doorbell rang.  It was Vittorio, her Italian fella who jilted her!  Hurray!  Comedy Italian accents ahoy.  I wonder if he’s more a Silvio Berlusconi or a Gianni Versace?

In other news, April and Xavier were snared with their fake Swedish bus plan, and now Palmer is hiding the fact that he’s going ahead with it, just to make them wallow in their guilt.  Good one JP.


Monday, October 25th, 2010

It’s amazing how they fill episodes of Home and Away sometimes.  That one was full of Leah flustering about whether she and Elijah would hit it off in Africa, and VJ worrying about her calling off the trip.  We had Leah talking to Miles, VJ talking to Miles, Miles talking to Leah about VJ’s worries, and Miles finally resassuring VJ that all would be well.  So the upshot is, they’re still going to Africa.  Phew.  It’d be great if they did some off-location episodes.

Mitzi kissed Dexter, supposedly to show him what it’s like being the subject of unwanted advances.  Yeah right Mitzi.  Sid is none too impressed, and rightly so.

April has discovered a super eco Swedish bus scheme and wants Palmer to set it up in Summer Bay.  Palmer looked interested in its money-making potential.  Colleen would probably be interested too if it kept the apocalypse-predicting lunatic from Mangrove River away.

Love games

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Well, romance is blooming in Summer Bay.  Marilyn had Dr. Sid stay over after she saw off love rival Nursey Nurse.  Whoop!

Ruby kissed Xavier because she is a total wagon.  After some sage advice from Tony and some dumb advice from Palmer, Xavier confessed to April, who thought it was grand.

However, Leah appears to be trying to get rid of Elijah.  She’s hinted a few times that he might like to go back to missionary work.  Does she want to marry him or not, like?

Charlie and Angelo are in the throes of a non-crisis.  He has to open his restaurant soon, to a deadline.  He should just do barbeque food for the first few days.  They’re mad for snags ’round there.

Much ado about nothing

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Mohamed Ali, Chris Eubank and Barry McGuigan are all getting a flight down under as they heard about the impending grudge match between Tony and John Palmer.  It’s a no holds barred  bitter bashathon.  Somebody’s going down, way down.  This is going to be brutal…

Only it wasn’t.  In reality the fight consisted of two middle aged men prancing around the ring, trash talking but not actually fighting.  Poor Coleen got bored being the referee, waiting for the fight to start and walked away.  The two prospective pugilists pulled the plug and the whole collapsed into farce.  Hopefully that’s the end of this storyline now and we can all move on with our lives.  Rachel will be thrilled that there were no bashings.

Gina and John

Monday, January 18th, 2010

As Flathead pointed out while watching today’s episode, “Xavier’s got a point”.  John Palmer is only sound when Gina is around.  Is she in for more heartbreak?

And where are the tiresome twins, Hugo and Martha?  No sign of them today.  Are they on half-weeks or something?

What is Hugo at?

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Martha is pining after BangBang/BumBum and Hugo is really pushing the “he needs to be with his own people” angle. What’s he at? Maybe HIS INDONESIAN WIFE who just showed up at his and Martha’s house can explain.

Gina is very annoyed with JPIII ever since he fired Romeo. That’ll cool his heels alright, but it’s nothing a surf and a drink won’t fix.

Geoff and Ruby have had their first tiff; he’s being over-protective and she is a big girl who can look after herself. Luckily Uncle Tony was on hand to dole out the only level-headed advice in all of Summer Bay to Geoff. Plus Rachel had a chat to Ruby. The Holden-Armstrongs should open a counselling centre. Dan who?

Martha counts her chickens

Monday, December 7th, 2009

You have to admire Martha for being an organ donor. Unfortunately in her case it happened to be her brain.

The election results weren’t announced, but Martha took it upon herself to declare that she was indeed the winner. Tony was told to open the champagne. Surely the counting of the votes was a mere formality? Cart before the horse.

So Palmer won and no doubt Gina will get the blame. Colleen accused her of fraternising with the enemy and giving away election secrets. That must have been what cost Martha as her political inexperience and general ignorance of all things couldn’t have cost her in any way.

bring back miles
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