And…she’s gone

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Well, that’s that. For a moment, there was a glimmer of hope that Colleen might not jet off to Las Vegas, but in the end, she went. John Palmer made sure to get a squeeze before she departed. Alf sent an email that tugged at the heartstrings terribly. Even Morag showed up. Farewell, Miss Groper! We’ll never see her likes again.


Things in the Bay continued as normal after Mrs. Smart left. Jet is still nicking stuff, i.e. Indi’s purse, Gina is still on the case and Xavier had a go as well. All is not well in the Jet household. Poor oul’ Ma Jet is on the way out, by the look of her.

Heath snuck in April’s bedroom window again, but not for a bit of boldness this time. Instead, he built the cot that Bianca had bought for the bub. Ahhh. Breaking, entering and flat-packing. He may hold his horses though, because Bianca went to the hospital in a panic shortly afterwards. Uh-oh. As Kane once said, “If anything happens to the bay-bee…..”!

Mr. Townsend is still getting a rise out of poor Casey. Gina’s well and truly on the Braxton side though. I love Mr. Townsend. He only has one mood, and here it is:

Mr. Townsend on a good day


Anger management

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Casey fell for Mr. Townsend’s provocation which wound up in him being taught a lesson, river boy style. He called Henri a tart, which Casey didn’t appreciate and punched him right on his schnoz. This was only going to end one way really. The angry teacher riles the angry student leading to a bashing. It must be about time that Casey leaves school again, he does so every other week.

angry teacher with a bloody nose

Other than that, Coleen was going on about her jugs, they were man handled. Dex did some exercise on the beach with Xavier to impress Lottie, who doesn’t go for the macho man look. April’s still pining after Dex, muscles or otherwise. Jet is under investigation by the cops. Sasha is going to counselling in the school with a very chilled out new counsellor. Just a normal day in the bay.

bring back miles
Original image from This is Oz

all the dead

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