Grandpa Alf

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Sally’s back, with little Pippa in tow; she thinks everything is “cool”. She also thinks Alf is her Grandpa. No, Pip, that’s Michael (is it?), and Flynn’s da, and probably Leah’s crazy angry dad as well.

Roo didn’t take kindly to Sally just showing up and acting like she owns the place, which she actually does. What a mad reaction. Anyway, they’re friends now.

Sally’s red dress was very nice indeed. Obviously the wardrobe department haven’t got their hands on her yet. She’ll be in a massive kaftan in no time.

Maddie is annoyed with Sasha for sleeping with Spencer, especially since Sasha experienced similar angst when Casey and Tamara got together (mucho teenage drama down Summer Bay way at the moment). Sasha’s reaction was to decide she’s leaving town with Flying Doctor Sid. I think she’ll come to her senses shortly.

Holly summoned Zac to the cliffs (Stewart’s Point?) and asked him why he wouldn’t sleep with her. She doesn’t seem to understand the teacher-student dynamic. She is threatening suicide if he doesn’t “go there”. I don’t really care because he is a big dum dum who didn’t even tell another adult that a student rang him in distress.

Brax goes soft

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I felt sorry for Hayley. First Brax brings her up to the cliff top to threaten her life. He let her off and she scarpered, running as fast as she could. She had her fill of Braxtons and tried to leave but Heath wasn’t having any of it. He blackmailed her into staying and continuing to represent him. That’s not going to be easy.

Leah continues on her Brax buzz. She met him for a showdown and laid her true feelings on the line. Brax said he couldn’t feel the same as he’s not over Charlie and never will be so they’re going to be friends. I hope Leah moves on now.

Casey continues to obsess over Henri. He stalked her to find out her address and is planning to go find her. He is willing to give up school to be with her. April told him that’s stupid but he won’t listen. Then Brax tried to set him straight to no avail, he’s still going to see her. Can’t see that ending well.

Liam changed his mind over forcing Bianca to get a DNA test. A talk with April set him straight. I hope that Liam and Bianca leave the bay and Heath follows them out, sick of all of them really. This storyline is slow and repetitive. What happened to the plotting of the good old days? Time for a new psycho nurse like Zoe McAllister, a crook kid like Duncan Stewart or a natural disaster like the flood that killed Michael. The excitement…

“I like you, Alf”

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Strewth, that flamin’ sheila wasted no time in getting her claws into Alf. I’d nearly be delighted except she’s just after his money. She seems to like money.

Alf acknowledged his legend status at the end of the episode by saying “If she can ask a bloke like me out, imagine what else she can do!”, or something to that effect. A bloke like you indeed, Mr. Stewart.

Ah DOCS. I heard that acronym today and it brought me back to my childhood. Seems like DOCS were always calling in on Michael and Pippa, to check they weren’t bating lumps out of the childer. It’s real too, look .

What’s the skinny with Rachel and the young fella with cancer? Will she adopt him or what?

bring back miles
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all the dead

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