The lives and loves of Martha McKenzie

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Methodical? Never.

Mysterious? Sometimes.

Misunderstood? Often

Monogamous? Rarely.

Moron? Always.

Martha.  Summer bay is a poorer place without it’s resident wild card. You can say many things about her but life was never dull with her around. It’s hard to know where to start with her.

She arrived in town with a flash when Jack dared her to streak naked along the seafront.  Alf was unimpressed but he had to get used to these kind of shenanigans from his grand daughter.  She later went onto appear in a strip club as a pole dancer which was classic H&A viewing.  She wasn’t slow in showing her assets.

Yes, it was never dull with old Martha.  She was the subject of regular kidnappings, attempted murder, car crashes, cancer, miscarriages and any kind of disaster going really.  The bay will miss it’s resident queen of drama.

She knew when to fight for what was right, such as when she saved Tasha from Mama Rose and the cult.  She also knew when to forgive and forget with Jonah’s past and Hugo’s people smuggling.  Bit of a goldfish memory.

Martha had a talent for making snap decisions.  This is what made herself and Jack such a good match.  Life changing choices like “I’m going to buy a farm”, “I’m adopting Bum bum” or “I’m leaving the bay” would be made in space of a lunch hour.  It would often be followed by the rational of “I’ve thought about it” –  for a whole five minutes, went unsaid.

What of her lovers?  Let us count the names.  I’ll start with Jack. I wonder if we can name them all?

Mental Melody

Monday, October 20th, 2008

So it seems that Aden has company in the mental home. It’s only Melody, Geoff’s ex. Her mother must have drove her mad. Given what we saw of the woman it’s not that surprising. Melody always seemed a bit on edge but it seems her over zealous ma pushed her over the edge. Quelle dommage.

But who else over the years should have been locked up for their own good? Here’s a quick rundown of the looney list.

Alf is a fairly level headed bloke by and large. But when he had a brain tumor a few years ago, he started seeing and hearing things, mainly his dead wife Ailsa. Matters came to a head when the imaginary Ailsa pushed Morag down the stairs. Mad.

Dan followed Alf’s lead by going on the run in the bush where he was chasing his son Ryan. As it happened, he too was seeing things. Ryan was in fact a couple of thousand miles away in the US with his mother. Poor old Dan.

While Alf and Dan went through periods of temporary madness, Mama Rose was a full time mentalist. She started her own cult which duped gullible teens and organised the rape of Tasha. As evil and mad as they come. She gets pride of place in the penthouse of the bayside asylum.

New section…

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Yo dudes we’ve a new member on board, a lady by the name of Mama Rose, who will use her soothsaying abilities to tell us what’s coming up in Summer Bay.

Click on “Mama Rose sees the future” on the right for her predictions…

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