Beat the teacher

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Gina organised a mediation with Mr. Townsend which went well according to Gina but not according to the angry man. He didn’t believe Casey’s apology. The situation wasn’t helped when the boys turned up at his car and threatened to bash it. He was convinced Casey put him them up to it and is determined to press charges which will lead to jail for Casey. The younger Braxton had better get used to bread and water.

Liam continued his romance with junkie lawyer Hayley. She’s clean now but Brax put her off the relationship, telling her to leave town. Liam was unimpressed but maybe he’s better off without her.

Coleen is leaving town and fears that nobody cares. She’s been giving out gifts left right and centre, without much fuss being made by the recipients. Unbeknownst to her, the locals are organising a secret send off to wish her bon voyage. What will Madge Wilkins do without her? Hopefully she’ll turn up on our screens at the going away do.

Court case incoming

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Ooh Heath is taking the Rockstars to court over baby access rights. Does this mean more Morag? please yes.

Casey is moping about with his broken heart. Veej saw he and Henri pashing ooooh. Madge Wilkins will know in no time.

Who is Marilyn Chambers?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Marilyn has returned to the bay after 10 years away in Blighty. But who is she and what makes her so popular in the Bay? Here is the lowdown for those fans who don’t remember her from the first time around.

  • She ran a beauty parlour out the back of the old diner and gave facials to Madge Wilkins et al.
  • Marilyn used to be Morag’s housekeeper. It provided some great comedy as they were the ultimate odd couple. It’ll be interesting to see how they get on the next time Morag turns up in the Bay.
  • Marilyn went out with Lance Smart, Colleen’s son. Colleen seems to bear a grudge about their break up.
  • Lance, Marilyn and Martin Dibble were in a band together that went national for a brief time. I can’t remember what they were called. Lance got jealous as the press insinuated that Marilyn was going out with Martin, not Lance. This caused the band to split up.
  • Donald “Flathead” Fisher married Marilyn in an unlikely liaison. They had a baby called Byron but he sadly passed away. His poor parents were distraught and Marilyn got depressed and fled to London. Irene and Flathead went to look for her. Their method of searching involved touring the city on an open top bus. Preposterous as this may sound, they managed to find her.

It’s good to have her back and I’m sure she’ll provide us with much hilarity. She seems to have ditched her habit of wearing tiny backpacks as handbags.


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

There was high drama at Summer Bay jetty in that episode; some lad that Hugo knows started a big scrap down at the shed, just as Ruby was breaking up with Xavier.  Xavier tried to go to his brother’s aid, but instead got lamped in the head and fell into the water.  Luckily Brendan saved him.  Nice one Bandicoot.

After all the heroics, Mammy Austin decided Brendan could move into the community house.  Ruby 2 was effin’ thrilled.  Hugo pretended to the rubbish cop that he didn’t know the attacker, who had handily planted some kind of map in the shed.

Handily for Ruby 1, Xavier has memory loss, so he can’t remember she broke up with him.  She can ease her guilt by staying together with him.  That’s a great idea.

Colleen got landed with two slices of mud pie when Ruby and Nicole scarpered out of the diner.  I bet she kept them for herself and Madge Wilkins.

One question

Friday, September 11th, 2009

How did Angelo not know about Joey and Charlie?  Sure even Madge Wilkins knows at this stage.


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Well, it’s all happening since VJ and Miles found the hand on the beach.  Charlie’s been kicked off the case, Angelo is heading up the new task force, and Hugo has gone out diving – alone.

My bet is that Hugo is some kind of Dexter-type character, serial-killing and throwing the bodies off the boat.  Except this isn’t LA, and he’s not Dexter.  He lives with dopey Martha, and she’s bound to trip him up.  Although it has been confirmed that Madge Wilkin’s nephew was right, the hand was chewed out by Jaws II, so that’s that theory out the window.

Speaking of whom, Martha was walking around in her underwear, causing Hugo to scarper out to sea in the first place.  The menfolk of Summer Bay don’t seem to be able to differentiate between bikinis and lingerie.  Remember when Miles saw Kirsty in her knickers?  It almost drove him mad with lust.

Nicole has turned her affections towards Trey.  Boring.  Trey’s dad seems to be mates with Alf, he’s setting up a Surf Carnival and promoting local business.  He even has a Summer Bay uniform of some kind.

Madge is a popular girl

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

I was just looking at the statistics for, and 32 people have come to the site as a result of searching for the term “Madge Wilkins”.  She’s such an enigma; we’re all intrigued.

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