Moping and moaning

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Maddy got into a row with Roo over Josh. The cops, namely a baldy cop called John, came looking for Maddy about the fire in the Mangrove River school, she doesn’t have an alibi. Roo doesn’t want Maddy to see Josh anymore so she went to see him in hospital and told him to steer clear. He took her advice and broke up with Maddy when she came to visit. Maddy isn’t very lucky in love, I’d say we’re in for another protracted period of moping and moaning.

Chris and Indi got rid of Robyn the psycho, she left town on the bus. They were very forgiving and aw her off with a “no hard feelings” goodbye. I think they were too easy on her. Indi is still a bit sad about Romeo, which is to be expected.

Jett gave John grief for not moving on with his life and telling Marilyn how he feels. John eventually got up the courage and said it to Marilyn, about effin time lads. Jett himself is doing it tough since Nina left town. Maybe he’ll fall for one of the new troubled teens from Mangrove River.

Brax goes inside

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Josh and Andy’s ma took a shot at Brax but managed to shoot her Josh instead.  Not her best ever move I would imagine.  Brax will have to mull it over in jail as he makes friends with his new friends inside.  He told Ricky to take care of Josh but that make not take long if he dies before he gets out of jail.

Marilyn saved John from choking in the diner, she knew it was going to happen as she had one of her occasional psychic feelings.  Maybe she’s been using the dark arts again?

Maddy has returned home.  Roo told her that Alf felt bad about giving out to her but they managed to kiss and make up.  Alf is fairly shook by Romeo’s passing away and is going to head off to Sally and Pippa in the US.  Imagine Alf stateside, he’ll probably come back in cowboy gear or an L.A. gang member.

We’ll have to wait a month to find out how it all turns out, RTE are taking a break from the show for a month.

There is no more time

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Zac is now an honorary Braxton now, he took them to kidnap the twins. I don’t know why they are bothering to get involved. Kyle couldn’t resist, even though he’s on probation, but he made the point that he was the expert on kidnapping and they would need his expertise. Zac distracted his bro while the Braxton’s sneaked into the house and took Oscar and Evelyn with them. I don’t know when they had to be so careful and sneaky in taking the kids, the cult don’t look that threatening. Beyond Zac’s brother there didn’t seem many others and they don’t look like they’d put up much of a fight.

Indi and Chris are finding it hard to get some alone time. Chris is buttering up Irene to get on her good side. Irene is feeling a bit smothered by his over affection.

Roo is worried about Maddy spending time with Josh. He took her on a date to get some gelato, but the cops showed up and nicked him in connection with the car crash. Maddy thinks Roo grassed him up but it turns out Alf is the rat. He refused to stand by while she makes a big mistake with Josh so he called YCPD with the deets and now he’ll have to answer for his crime.

Don’t forget to tune into “Vogue does Home and Away” at 9.55 on RTE Two tonight.

Torpedo captain Palmer

Monday, November 11th, 2013

John and Jett interrupted a romantic dinner between Marilyn and Winston.  They had been having a fancy slap up meal with champers down on the pier before the two interlopers stuck their necks in.  John isn’t happy with Marilyn having a new love interest, despite the fact that he did nothing to show much interest in her when she made her feelings known.  Winston isn’t happy having competition so this could become problematic.

Alf doesn’t want Sally and Pippa 2 to leave, he’ll be devo’d without them.  He’s going to head out fishing when they’re heading off as he doesn’t want to go through another tough goodbye.

Maddy has taken a shine to the young lad who ran her off the road.  Roo isn’t happy about her seeing him but Maddy thinks he deserves a fair go as she saw his older bro putting pressure on him.  If they could get him to move into the caravan park he’d be a reformed character in no time.

Bad Boys, Bangers and Bubbly

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Today’s news:

  • Winston turned up to buy the boat, cue some pointless drama with him and Harvey slagging each other and playing jokes
  • Casey and Maddy were in a car crash, they were run off the road by some rival gang of boyz who know the Braxtons
  • Roo got a massage from Pippa 2 and it was great apparently
  • Brax and Sally had a chat on the beach, then she came home to find Pippa still up, a big no-no
  • Bianca and Heath are off on honeymoon but they’re lucky that their house is still there after somebody lit a load of candles in their place


Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Maddy decided she wanted to go to the next level with Casey for some reason. Maybe she was impressed by him blacking out on the beach and getting sick on himself, problem drinkers are so hot right now. Casey then thought better of it and said he didn’t want her first time to be with him, so Maddy legged it in tears. Roo was unimpressed and kicked Casey out of his van, maybe he’ll go to live on the beach or in Sid’s ditch, it should be free now that he’s left town. She wants Casey to stay away from Maddy and has asked Brax for his help, all Casey wants is a sandwich, and it looked like a tasty one. Roo and Brax apologised when they learned the truth but Casey is annoyed with them all for thinking the worst of him. Not only that but Maddy wants him to steer clear of her too. He’s all on his own now, but at least he has the grog.

Bianca is having a great time learning to surf with Ricky. Unfortunately for her she is about to get wiped out when Heath reveals his playing away from home on the stag in Melbourne. But first, she has to have her hen, in Angelo’s as there are no other venues in the Bay. She invited her oldest friends and those she only knows for two seconds like Sally. They all had a great time drinking wine and giving each other compliments. Then Bianca went home to Heath where he chickened out of telling her about the barmaid. Will he feel guilty and ditch her at the altar?

Melbourne meltdown

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Bianca, in a surprising move, asked Ricky to be her bridesmaid rather than her own sister April. She rang Brax to try to get through to Heath but Brax couldn’t find him, he’d gone off with the barmaid. Cue a mad scramble by the Braxton bros to find the buck who bolted. Kyle and Casey woke up topless on a rooftop bed with a pineapple. On the plus side, they seem to have buried the hatchet to some degree.

Brax finally found the groom in the sea on his own. He told Brax about how “he stuffed up”, not the first time that’s happened. Cue a lecture and the realisation that he’s going to have to tell his fiancé about his fling.

Chris is back and creating friction. He insulted Sasha on the beach and Indi wasn’t too impressed with his smooth talk either. He was a loose end so he ended up hanging out on the beach with Maddy. He is up to something, trying to split up Spencer and Sasha maybe? Chris threw Sasha into the water and she lost it. He said he’s going to make it up to her by cooking breakfast for them on the farm.

Irene is still under stress at work. She is due another health scare I reckon. She went around to Leah’s for a chat and found out that Leah is quitting the diner. What will she do next? A social media startup in the Bay? A debt collection business? Maybe she’ll go into organised crime and get into the people smuggling business, there must be a gap in the market since Hugo left town.

New lows for the loser

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Casey is telling everybody to get lost. Brax, Ricky, Tamara, they can all go to hell. The only person he’s getting on with now is Maddy. They went clubbing and then fell into the water on the beach the following morning. Maddy got some serve when she went home. Brax was worried about Sad Casey and sent Tamara over to chat to him. She couldn’t get through to him, he doesn’t want to listen to her, or anyone. She told him to get on with his life, he’s driving everyone away but he’s grand, he has the booze to keep him company. He tried it on with Maddy, but she told him where to go, even she’s copped onto his loserdom. She tried to get him to stop drinking, like Elizabeth Shue to Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

April is still having problems with her bitchy boss, Dr. Bradley. Who cares? I don’t, it’s very boring.

Sally is trying to sell her house, by walking around town looking for buyers, a novel approach to real estate. Alf and Sally took Pippa 2 out on the Blaxland for a boat trip, happy days. Pippa 2 wants to be a pirate when she grows up, should be if rather than when. Alf is selling the boat so that Sally will have the money to take her to hospital in the states, happier days ahead.

Sad case

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Casey’s depressed so he’s resorted to the only logical solution to make things better, hit the grog at work. What a great plan? He’s a smart fella. It was all going swimmingly until Maddy decided to take a swig out of it on the beach. She confronted him over it and he agreed to give her a drink, the fool. The two of them went on the lock in the gym and got wasted. Roo found them there and was unimpressed. Casey is a dead man, he deserves to be fired if not jail for letting a minor get drunk on the premises. Roo gave Maddy a serve but she turned it back on Roo.

April has a new boss at work who’s a dragon. She treating April badly and April is going to extreme lengths to impress her. This is going to end badly.

VJ apologised to Nina for accusing her in the wrong, she never stole his Pokemon card in the first place. The kids are all mates again except for Jett who’s in the dog house with Nina. He’s been dumped and she won’t take him back. What if Veej and Nina end up going out? Poor Jett will freak out.

It’s fiesta time

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Dex, Indi and April decided that they were going to have a mexican fiesta night with tacos, sombreros and fake moustaches. Those three are party animals.

Maddy and Spencer are best mates again now, even to the point of rolling around on the beach in their swimwear. Things are much smoother between them now that Sasha is out of the picture, or is she? Welcome back Sasha, your Bay needs you. She got sick of living in the bush with Dr. Sid, plus she missed a certain Spencer. He seemed a bit awkward around her when she met him at his van. Maddy didn’t seem too happy to see her so she went to the farm and gave her a serve, which left Sasha in tears, surprisingly. Why would she give a damn what she thinks? She’s worried that she’s messed it up with Spencer, turn’s out she’s right. He reckons she hurt him once and he’s not willing to let it happen again.

Veej and Jett are very suss about Pippa and her illness. They know something is up, which isn’t surprising given Sally and Bianca were discussing it in the corridor. Miss Scott took Zac out for a walk to go through her condition, which gave the young lads their opportunity to break into the office and check out Pippa’s file. Now they know what it is, they were able to look it up, the cat’s out of the bag. They decided to go have a chat with her, they didn’t realise she was unaware of it. Wait until John and Leah get hold of them, they’ll be hell to pay.

Bianca is having a principal’s dinner at the school, her first one. Since when is this a thing? I don’t remember any of the other principals holding one. Heath doesn’t want to go as he has to wear a suit, maybe he could turn up in his shorts and topless, his usual attire.

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