Andy goes AWOL

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Casey and Josh are looking for Andy, he’s gone missing and isn’t answering their calls. It turns out the dealers kidnapped him and gave him a good bashing. They dumped him on the side of the road where Hannah found him. When he was found he had a hoodie on but when he arrived into the hospital he was topless. Did Hannah take his clothes off en route? Maybe Nate prescribed a prolonged spell of toplessness for him.

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Andy told Casey to get Josh out of town as the lads who bashed him are coming back for him and his bro. Even Hannah isn’t safe. Now that he’s in his hour of need will Brax have a change or heart and save him at the last minute?

Maddy started her new job in the gym but it’s not going quite as she planned. She has loads of new ideas for programs and classes but Casey isn’t interested as she isn’t a qualified instructor. Instead of all that he has cleaning the showers and the toilets. So glamourous, worth leaving school for.

John wanted to invite Xavier to the wedding, one small problem, he hasn’t told him that himself and Marilyn are engaged. He rang him with the good news but Xavi can’t make the wedding anyway, which is a pity. Marilyn invited Shandi, Josh’s daughter but she didn’t tell John, he’ll get a surprise when she shows up. Is it possible for John and Marilyn to go through an episode without some sort of miscommunication where one of them gets the wrong end of the stick?

Trouble ahoy

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Andy still owes his cash to the dealer. Casey asked Brax for help but got shot down. Casey gave Andy some cash from the gym to keep him going but will it be enough to keep Cody off his back and stop Josh from getting bashed again?

Maddy is having a great time jumping around on the beach and taking O-zone to the bone zone, far better than going to school. Roo sat her down and told her it wasn’t fair to use Oscar to get back at Josh and Evelyn, so she dumped him. Poor Oscar, back into the friend zone.

Sasha is having problems with her poetry. It turns out Matt is a poetic genius and submitted his poem with her name on it, unbeknownst to Sasha. She’ll get an A and then go mad when she finds out it is for his poem.  I reckon I could do better than Sasha’s effort.

Phoebe is a snitch while Maddy is a bitch
Sid misses his ditch and Cheryl is a witch
Brax says “Oi”, Harley’s a baby boy
When Andy shows his face, Hannah jumps for joy


Feel free to put your own poem in the comments.

Running out of second chances

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Hannah is pretty slow on the uptake. She confronted Zac about the drugs at the farm and finally figured out that she was led up the garden path by Andy, he was to blame for the dope. Josh confronted his bro on the beach and gave him grief over his bashing. No doubt he’ll give him another chance, he always does. Maybe Hannah will give him another chance too, she usually does. Meanwhile Zac has moved out of the farm, he’s sick of Hannah and her ways.

Roo is trying to organise Marilyn’s wedding and going overboard. Poor Marilyn is getting stressed even though the wedding is months away. She even went to John to try and recruit his help, even though the two of them want a simple beach wedding.

Maddy and Spencer went for a game of pool while she tried to get in contact with Josh but there was no answer from him. Maddy has copped on that there is something up with her fella, that relationship won’t last too long in my opinion. She went to the farm to find him hanging out with Evelyn. She asked them what was happening between them but didn’t get any straight answers and stormed off.

Avoiding the Braxtonverse

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Phoebe wants to get a flat for herself and Kyle. She arranged it by getting Matt to pretend to be a reference, she didn’t want to have to rely on a Brax reference. Then she met the landlord on the sly without telling Kyle. He put 2+2 together when he saw them and thinks something is going on. Things will get worse when he finds out that she robbed money from the till for the deposit.

Josh has realised his relationship with Maddy is going nowhere, he must be sick of the moaning, which will be twice as bad now she has to to repeat the year in school. He met her on the pier to give her the heave-ho but before he could get the words out she was telling him that she is going to change and she needs him. He’ll have to put up with her for now so.

Alf and Roo had World War 3 in the kitchen while John, Marilyn and Jett tried to stay out of the way. Alf wasn’t impressed with her going to South America without telling him but she still hasn’t explained why she went there. Mysterious.

Chris vs Casey

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

The battle for Denny’s affections is being won by Casey and Chris isn’t impressed. He tried to win her back with a cake but she had none of it. Then he found her eating a sambo on the beach and attempted to dazzle her with his sandwich knowledge. Chris noticed that she was distracted by a topless Casey surfing so he tried to compete and show his own skills on the waves. Denny was less than impressed with his repeated wipe-outs, Kelly Slater he is not.

Bianca has moved out of Irene’s house after their row and is going to move in with Leah for now. What if she has a row with Leah? She’ll end up living in the caravan park. Heath snubbed her on the beach as he thinks the breakup will be easier if they keep their distance.

Alf is having problems with parenting Maddy, she hasn’t handed in her latest assignment. She stayed in Josh’s van without Alf’s knowledge and he went mental when he found out. He grounded her until she has it completed, this is very similar to when she was rowing with Roo, she’s a handful alright. Is Roo coming back to resume looking after Maddy or is Alf going to be stuck with her forever?

Banger bows out

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Harvey said a very long goodbye to the Bay today. They all got over it and let him leave, even Spencer who was having a hard time adjusting to his impending departure. As a consequence, Maddy was spending a lot of time with Spencer, causing Josh to go green with jealousy. He gave her an ultimatum but she opted to stick with Spencer et al, so that’s it, they’re done.

Chris is going to try and become a matchmaker for Irene. He wants Johnny boy Palmer to help him, but John is reluctant. I’m inclined to agree with John, arranged dates don’t usually end well in the Bay.

Sasha and Tamara are at loggerheads over the school captaincy. Tamara is counting on the Mangrove River vote but Andy told her that she’s barking up the wrong tree there, those students won’t bother voting. Tamara made friends with Phoebe over a beer in Angelo’s, then had a go at Sasha who was there for dinner. Tamara may have the superior policies but Sasha has the advantage of promising free ice cream, that could clinch her the election.

Destination romance

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Sasha is annoyed that all of her memories with Spencer have a bit of a downside to them. They got caught breaking into the school and had to wash up in the diner. This time Spencer decided to make a pure romantic memory. He asked Marilyn for advice and set up his plan. He led her into the room blindfolded and sat her down at a candle lit table. She was waiting for Spencer to return to the room when Chris walked in and she snogged him, thinking it was Spencer, yet another messy date for the pair.

Maddy is also annoyed, in her case it’s because Josh is hanging around with Andy again. She had a deep and meaningful with Roo and she’s now ok with Josh having a relationship with his bro. The two of them are going to share a van in the caravan park, that will end badly.

The twins found out about Zac and Hannah kissing and lost the plot. The adults got lectured by the children and felt ashamed. They’ll try to keep it non-sexual for now but I don’t see it lasting, their passion will get the better of them.

Harvey’s in heaven

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

It looks like Harvey has graduated from cast member to wall of death member. Roo said that she had to face up to the fact that he’s not coming back. She threw some flower’s into the sea so that’s it for him. Can’t say he was my favourite character but this was one of the funniest moments in years.

Maddy dumped Josh for covering for Andy when she went to report him to YCPD.  Josh dumped his brother for forcing him to cover for him.  Now that he doesn’t have his brother dragging him back he is free to get back with Maddy, which they both seemed happy about.

Ricky got a breakfast time visit from Dr Accent. He offered her half a danish in exchange for an agreement that she come for a check up.  He got her into the hospital for a scan which convinced her that she’s going to have to tell Brax about the baby. Once he finds out about it he’ll probably try to break out of jail so he can be with Ricky and the baby.

Farming and flirting

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hannah, Zac and the kids are going to rent the farmhouse. This is a pretty stupid idea given they have just started kissing, they’re going to try and keep their feelings under control, for the sake of the kids. They’ll have to take lots of cold showers.

Kyle and Ricky went to visit Brax and Kyle tried to tell him about her flirting with Dr. Accent. How long before the two of them get into a full blown affair? Kyle is going to do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen, he’s like a chaperone, coming between them at every opportunity. When they got home Ricky collapsed on the floor. What if she has to be hospitalised and Dr. Accent is the only one who can help her?

Josh and Andy are having problems fitting into the bay, as are most of the Mangrove River students. They were having a great wrestle down on the pier but Maddy spoiled their fun. She’s trying to get him into the Bay way of life but he prefers to hang with his bro, causing hassle and being narky.  Maddy is unimpressed but she just needs patience, he’ll come round sooner rather than later, the spirit of the Bay is infectious.

Where’s Winston?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

John and Marilyn’s burgeoning romance has been foiled twice; first by a rampaging Maddy, then by Banger going missing off the coast of cyclone-ridden China. Poor Roo is in bits over it.

Heath’s studies got off to a rocky start, but Dex is guiding him through the world of education. Heath is coming up with some amazing nerd-related insults, too.

Maddy and Josh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What is the story with the new doc’s accent? Anyway, Josh did a runner from hospital.

New teacher is a super wagon, especially where Heath is concerned. Bianca is having none of it.

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