Rindigo return?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Bianca is in hospital feeling crook. Sid sais the baby is ok but she needs to take better care of herself. Heath is knocking about, trying to help but she’s not having a bar of him. Maybe the lady doth protest too much? They’ll be back together before long which will be enough to send “Spud” Murphy back on the gear.

Speaking of reconciliations, Romeo Smith, the sidelined surfer, is having thoughts and feelings about his estranged wife. Ruby is trying to get him interested in starting the surf shop business but he doesn’t seem pushed, he’s more into Indi by the looks of it. She too is thinking about him indoors, but is wary of slipping into old ways. I’m not a big fan of Ruby or Logan so I’d be quite happy to see Rindi reunited, even if it did mean them resurrecting the storylines where she nags him about a job while he goes surfing.

Harvey is off to jail if he’s not careful. He put his principles before his daughter and doesn’t want to be labeled a crook. But he had a change of heart at the last minute & changed his plea to guilty, following Morag’s advice. He got off with a fine, which pleased Roo & Lottie no end.

Laying down the law

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Xavier must have got a maturity injection, because he is playing according to the Dr. Sid rulebook where Sasha is concerned. He sincerely apologised when they accidentally broke her curfew, and brought her straight home when she snuck out of the house. Xave reckons Sasha is still messed up over Stew, so he broke up with her. Cue Sasha meltdown.

Indi got upset when she saw Rindi frolicking in the surf, so naturally she ran straight to Logan. Romeo saw them and then he got upset. So the Walker-Smiths had a heart-to-heart, which kind of cleared the air.

John Palmer is thrilled with himself because he found out that Harvey rigged the election. Somehow i think this will backfire on Mr. JP…

Good hair Ruby

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Ruby’s hair was tied up all throughout that episode and it was lovely. I have no doubt it played a part in Romeo’s willingness to be led upstairs. He was super annoyed at seeing Indi go off (in a slinky dress) with Logan to a “business dinner”.

Sasha and Xave are gonna wait a while to visit the next level. He says she’s worth waiting for. Ahh.

Rindi is dead

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Indi and Romeo are absolute disgraces. They briefly spoke about ending their marriage, then went off pashing/next-level-ing with other people. I am glad they were so invested in their marriage that they could abandon it at the drop of a hat. TUT TUT.

Ruby declared her love for Romeo, but luckily he was too locked to hear her.

Dr. Sid made a great growling noise when he met Logan.

Gina got to the bottom of the Henri-Casey alliance, with the help of Veej. Henri is so stupid. Could she not have waited two months until Casey’s exams were over? She could hardly have expected him to have any sense, he’s a River Relative!

Ruby the drugs mule

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Good woman Ruby, she managed to concoct a reason for Morag to stay in town. Ms. Buckton was used as a drug mule by her good friend Steve. Steve is such a good mate that he told the cops Ruby was dealing on the surfing circuit. Sound man Steve.

Romeo told Brax, who was instantly hot on Steve’s tail. I foresee some bashing.

Harvey is getting to know his ex and daughter again. Following some heavy-handed hinting from Marilyn, he told an unimpressed Roo. Harvey is a simpleton.

Harvey’s daughter is sarky and annoying. Just like Harvey, then.

Indi told Romeo off because he chose Ruby over surfing. Then Romeo saw a text from Logan on Indi’s phone. Good. I hope that puts manners on him.

bring back miles
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