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Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Da Braxton’s on the scene. In an amazing coincidence, while Casey was talking to the school counsellor, Heath was visiting  their father in jail, despite not having seen him in 12 years. Never mind Kirstie and Jade, the Braxton boys must have some kind of psychic connection.

da braxton

Da Braxton is a gruff Sean-Connery look-a-like. Heath has High Hayley checking out his father’s legal records, in the hope that a release might be on the cards. Brax and Casey were delighted when Da went to jail, but Heath is more stupid and so sees him in a more favourable light.

Isn’t it a bit mad that all the Braxtons call Darryl, Brax?

What do you foresee for Da Braxton? I think he’ll have a dalliance with Marilyn, and a showdown with Alf (who is on his way to the Bay, yahoo!). Whatever happens, I’d say he and his amazing moustache are in for some good storylines.

In other news, Hayley is running around looking for Liam, and Leah’s not impressed. She asked Brax to help sort it out.

Ruby is going full steam ahead with the surf shop plans, despite warnings from Romeo, Leah and Indi.

Porno, the Pill and the Police (4890)

Monday, August 17th, 2009

There were a few classic Home and Away scenarios in that episode.

Firstly, Jai was given a porno mag at school because he “needed it” after Annie dumped him. He left it at home, where Alf found it thinking it was Miles’s, Miles found it thinking it was Alf’s, and eventually Annie found it and dumped Jai all over again. Textbook.

Then, Miles thought he was about to get Kirstie up the duff, but sneakily she was taking the Pill behind his back.

Lastly, Hugo found Xavier slashing the tyres on Officer Risotto’s car. He took the weapon off him and then turned around to get caught and blamed himself. Brilliant.

Misunderstanding is the name of the game in Summer Bay.

Good news

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Ooh, two pieces of good news in that episode there.  Rachel is pregnant, so she’ll stop moaning about being barren.  Plus, Kirstie and Miles are back together, which inevitably means more deadly fights.

The preview reveals that Belle gets battered.  Our money is on those meanie developers.  Not on nice cop Angelo.

I hope Alf goes all ninja when he finds out about Bridget.

“The baby’s stressed – I can feel it”

Monday, September 8th, 2008

According to Martha, her baby is developing at warp speed. It has emotions all of its own and not only that, but Martha can magically sense what the baby is feeling. Awesome. I shouldn’t really poke too much fun though, she’s not having much of a laugh at the moment. She has been properly punished for her poledancing anyway.

I think we must be a couple of episodes behind, but we were just treated to a fairly weak face-off between Nicole and Kirstie. Not sure what Nicole’s problem is there.

Tony is grand and ready for action, according to the mickey doctor. No doubt Rachel will be pregnant in jig time. Maybe that will stop her adding medical strings to her bow. Today’s episode revealed that she is an anaesthetist as well as a surgeon, GP, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and probably obstetrician. Well, who do you think will deliver Martha’s troubled tot?

bring back miles
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