Drop the bomb

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Casey is struggling to adjust after Brax dropped the Barrett bombshell. He didn’t want to discuss it with Brax, he just walked off for a mope in the gym on his own. Andy told Casey he quit the gym job, then told Josh to stay away from his long lost bro. Brax came into the gym to confront Casey and they went for a drink in Angelo’s. Casey lost it when he found out that everyone in the Bay knew about his parentage before he did and the restaurant descended into a mass brawl, it was like a scene from Roadhouse.

Sasha met Matt at the diner and told him that she’s leaving the bay for a while. She’s off to visit Sid and Indi in Broken Hill. She gave Matt a pep talk about his future but he has no plans, just hanging around, waiting to see if a job lands in his lap.

Phoebe is trying to get Kyle to sack her. Why doesn’t she just quit? Very strange behaviour. It worked in the end, kind of, she quit at the same time as he fired her so they both got what they wanted.

Drips and dopes

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Poor Hannah, she’s caught between two men, and they are both eejits. Zac is zero craic whatsoever, and Andy is thick as a brick. Surely there are a few doctors in the hospital she could flirt with? Or maybe she could shack up with Doctor Nate when Ricky goes back to Brax, as she surely will.

Andy found out Brax didn’t kill his da JOHNNY BARRETT after all, but decided it was easier to just keep blaming him, rather than change his view of the whole affair.

Ricky still hasn’t told Brax about the baybee. This must be the longest-kept secret in the Bay ever. So many people know.

Sasha was helping Matt with a school speech, and they kissed. Matt is another one who looks way too old for school.

Johnny Barrett’s kid

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

So, it turns out that Josh’s da used to hang around with Danny “The Dog” Braxton. Maybe there’ll be a Big Boyz Bash-Up between the Braxtons and the Barretts.

Casey is getting on very well in the Casey Braxton Wing of Summer Bay General. His legs are recovering rapidly and things are looking up with Tamara. Plus Kyle has had his head turned by Evelyn From The Cult, so there’s no competition from him.

Evelyn and Ricky are best buds, so they are heading off to a mysterious location with Zac in an attempt to deprogramme Evelyn. Brax was bamboozled, but sure he just had a secretive trip of his own.

Oscar is moving in with Leah. But of course. The folk of Summer Bay live a stray. I wonder who’ll take Josh in?

bring back miles
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all the dead

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