I’m sorry, I take it all back

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

After all of my giving-out that H&A was gone a bit zzz, a bit meh, they throw that episode at us! Look at all that happened:

Harvey came back!! I’m so glad I was too lazy to put him on the wall of death now! No explanation yet though. Bet he swam back.

Oscar and Evelyn got kidnapped by their dad, who is now CULT BOSS!! Kyle put in a brave effort trying to save them, but got bashed by cult hencemen. He’s come a long way since his own kidnapping days.

Montgomery’s bomb went off, in the hospital!! Ricky, Bianca, Heath, Irene and Nate all got flung about in the blast. Is that the end of Brax Junior?

AND, Johnny Cooper was on TwoTube! He was a classic Summer Bay baddie, throwing his weight around, threatening Brad, and making his brother Rocco stab Sally. HELLO TEACH!


Special cuddles

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

After breaking up with Ricky yesterday, Brax broke up with the boys today. He told them he’s getting transferred but won’t tell them where so they can’t visit, they’ll have to get on with their lives. He wants them to keep an eye on Ricky and help her out. She had planned to move out but the boys want her to stay, the baby won’t have a dad but will have 3 live-in uncles. Is that the end of Brax?  I’m surprised he didn’t go down in a blaze of gunfire, killed by Adam or a mate of Hammer.

Nate was planning to leave the Bay and head back to the city. Irene heard this and asked him to stay as they need a good doctor, which is very true given the amount of injuries and disasters that occur. He was flattered by her request and agreed to hang around, didn’t take much to change his mind.

Some new character appeared and stripped off in front of John. She’s called Phoebe and seems to be a bit of a wild child and she knows Kyle, she jumped into his arms, much to Tamara’s annoyance. It’s been a week or two since so broke up with Casey so it’s about time she got a new Braxton boyfriend, with Brax in prison and Heath married it’s going to have to be Kyle.

What happened to John and Marilyn’s bus tour business? They haven’t talked about that in a while. She managed to persuade him to help out at the music festival, can’t wait to see what outfit she wears to it. Even Heath has volunteered to help as it will keep Bianca happy and when she’s happy he gets “special cuddles”.

The sun, the moon, and the truth

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Buddha said three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. With insight like that he would have done well in Summer Bay where a secret becomes public knowledge in seconds. Take Ricky’s pregnancy, yesterday only Kyle knew, now half the bay is aware of it.

Kyle is worried about Ricky & her delicate situation. She doesn’t want to tell Brax but he wants her to. She told Heath and he urged her to tell Brax, but she’s worried about raising a child while its father is in jail for 10 years. Heath respected her wishes and told Kyle to do the same. Bianca eventually told Bianca and all of Clan Braxton so the cat is out of the bag now.

Given the serve Leah gave her, the Sniper went MIA. Leah gave Bianca the lowdown on what happened so Bianca decided to make a formal complaint about Ms Montgomery. Leah is getting crank phone calls now, maybe she’s the sniper’s next target.

Casey is finding it hard to run the gym given that Heath is not helping with the paperwork. Irene told Chris to get a job so he knocked into Casey and asked him for some of Spencer’s gym shifts. Casey asked for time to think it over but Heath was easier work, he managed to take Spencer’s job and told his bro he was sacked. Irene was none too impressed when she heard and forced Chris to quit the gym and take up a job in the diner, which will be great fun I’d imagine.

Irene’s reaction to finding out Spencer is bipolar

Friday, February 7th, 2014

“We should ask him to move in here.”

No-one in Summer Bay can tolerate an empty bedroom for long.

There is no more time

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Zac is now an honorary Braxton now, he took them to kidnap the twins. I don’t know why they are bothering to get involved. Kyle couldn’t resist, even though he’s on probation, but he made the point that he was the expert on kidnapping and they would need his expertise. Zac distracted his bro while the Braxton’s sneaked into the house and took Oscar and Evelyn with them. I don’t know when they had to be so careful and sneaky in taking the kids, the cult don’t look that threatening. Beyond Zac’s brother there didn’t seem many others and they don’t look like they’d put up much of a fight.

Indi and Chris are finding it hard to get some alone time. Chris is buttering up Irene to get on her good side. Irene is feeling a bit smothered by his over affection.

Roo is worried about Maddy spending time with Josh. He took her on a date to get some gelato, but the cops showed up and nicked him in connection with the car crash. Maddy thinks Roo grassed him up but it turns out Alf is the rat. He refused to stand by while she makes a big mistake with Josh so he called YCPD with the deets and now he’ll have to answer for his crime.

Don’t forget to tune into “Vogue does Home and Away” at 9.55 on RTE Two tonight.


Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Casey is still in hospital, topless. The legs aren’t up to scratch yet but that will be remedied before too long. Tamara was worrying about him, so Kyle selflessly acknowledged the bond between her and Braxton the Younger, and advised her to visit her mate at Summer Bay General. However, he didn’t expect her to stay there all night; now he’s suss that her feelings for Casey are bubbling to the surface again. I personally would like them all to be in a couple, Crazy-Eye Casey, Jutting Jaw Kyle and Great Hair Tamara. That would be a riot.

Zac went to visit his bro and the kids at the cult. It was all very sinister; the background music should have tipped him off that something wasn’t right. His niece loves the cult but his nephew’s not so sure so Zac schlipped him his phone number. Cue an escape.

Irene and Chris are still blueing. He is an inconsiderate thick who cannot understand rules. If there is anyone who can put him on the straight and narrow, it’s Irene (girlie).

Melbourne meltdown

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Bianca, in a surprising move, asked Ricky to be her bridesmaid rather than her own sister April. She rang Brax to try to get through to Heath but Brax couldn’t find him, he’d gone off with the barmaid. Cue a mad scramble by the Braxton bros to find the buck who bolted. Kyle and Casey woke up topless on a rooftop bed with a pineapple. On the plus side, they seem to have buried the hatchet to some degree.

Brax finally found the groom in the sea on his own. He told Brax about how “he stuffed up”, not the first time that’s happened. Cue a lecture and the realisation that he’s going to have to tell his fiancé about his fling.

Chris is back and creating friction. He insulted Sasha on the beach and Indi wasn’t too impressed with his smooth talk either. He was a loose end so he ended up hanging out on the beach with Maddy. He is up to something, trying to split up Spencer and Sasha maybe? Chris threw Sasha into the water and she lost it. He said he’s going to make it up to her by cooking breakfast for them on the farm.

Irene is still under stress at work. She is due another health scare I reckon. She went around to Leah’s for a chat and found out that Leah is quitting the diner. What will she do next? A social media startup in the Bay? A debt collection business? Maybe she’ll go into organised crime and get into the people smuggling business, there must be a gap in the market since Hugo left town.

Weddings, wine and worries

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Bianca is planning her wedding with Zac, who she seems to be into all of a sudden. Leah and Irene are dead suspicious. The teachers went back to Bianca’s house to get locked on wine and have a bit of a flirt. They were having a great time until he asked her a question she didn’t want to hear: are you sure he’s the right one for you? Cue an affair with Zac, and Heath getting jilted at the altar if her past record is anything to go by.

Pippa 2 is sick. She had a fit at school and had to be taken to hospital. Sally is worried that the treatment in the US may not work, is it too late for the kid?

Jett copped on that Marilyn is into John and gave her a talking to, she’ll never replace Gina. She’s going to carry on with the business but is going to try and put her feelings to one side after a chat with Roo. Good luck with that Maz.

A pocket full of what-ifs and if-onlys

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Oh my Gawdfather. Irene advised Marilyn to follow her heart (girlie) and tell John she fancies him. So, off Marilyn went, full of bravado, and asked John to be her partner…in a tourist bus business. Those tours will be some crack, and probably full of Irish people trying to get a look at Brax.

New Dr. Ms. Bradley hates April, and loves Dex. She’ll be trying to entice him back into the supply closet. April refused to work for 48 hours on the trot, and Bradley said “off you go love, but don’t bother your hoop coming back”. FIGHT!

Roo and Sally nearly put everyone in a coma fighting over who would stay in the house, and who in a van. Roo won. She can fairly pull a convincing argument out of her massive dress when she wants to.


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Bianca went to a fancy do with Zac, Heath found out and wasn’t impressed. After shoving Zac on the beach, Heath issued him with the world’s worst apology. However, the lovebirds still hadn’t ironed things out. Bianca threw a strop and then Heath pointed out that any time she is due to get married (so far), she has a dalliance with another man. An uncharacteristically astute observation on Heathcliff’s part.

Maddie is sulking yet again because Spencer still likes Sasha. Oh holy night.

The news is out about Pippa. Sally keeps telling her she’ll be grand. Fatal diseases are generally successful in Summer Bay.

Something is amiss with Irene; she is short-tempered and sits alone in the dark at home. She certainly wasn’t impressed when John broke her coffee machine, despite his efforts to put things right. Oh Gawd.

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