Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The grown-ups in Summer Bay are fierce down with the social media lingo, they were throwing the acronyms around like there was no tomorrow. Not only that, but John and Marilyn confirmed their relationship on Facebook.

It's official

They also did this:

In other news, Chris misses Indi and Kyle and Phoebe are in l.o.v.e.

Wed and fled

Friday, February 14th, 2014

After all the drama, April and Dex’s wedding passed off peacefully (despite her dress). The reception was in a barn, just like Jack and Martha’s. Thankfully, no crazy stalkers turned up.


Later on, Indi went to the gym to reflect before she left the Bay. BUT, WHY DID ALF GO THERE TOO, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

The next day, the Walker family (except Sasha) left town. Sasha was emotional, which was understandable, because she’ll never see her family again. Such is the way in Summer Bay.

Indi’s not selling the gym, but she is relinquishing control to the Bashing Brothers Braxton. Good move?

Sasha needs a gaff

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Sid has decided that since Dex and April, and Indi, are leaving town, the farm should be rented out. Sensible. However, this renders Sasha homeless, so Sid wants to take her with him to live the life of a Flying Doctor. Sasha is not impressed. Who will take her in? Or, seeing as this is Summer Bay, the question should probably be: who won’t?

Dex and April are getting married tomorrow. That is some speedy wedding.

Tamara, single for one day, tried to talk Casey into resuming their relationship. Tsk. He had the good sense to say no.

Casey is going to take on the gym. It’s going to be called Braxton’s Bulging Biceps.


Husbands and brothers

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

The women of Summer Bay can’t hauld on to a man. Indi’s fella left when he got sick, but handily appears in dreams to help with jewellery. Roo’s is missing in action somewhere off Asia, and she is rejecting all offers of support.

The brothers of Summer Bay, however, are more interested in scrapping than doing a runner. Kyle and Casey had a blue over who cares more about Brax. Zzz. And Spencer gave Chris a box for interfering with his new cult mates. That chap Murray really knows how to turn mental illness to his advantage.

Ooh, lights!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

People are very impressed by electricity in Summer Bay; fairy lights have long been a popular seduction tool. Tamara upped the ante and threw in a few baubles, and Casey was blown away. Cue romance!

Bianca met the Mangrove River head teacher, who presumed she’d be principal in Summer Bay too. She also taught Heath when he was a pup, and thinks he’s a total dope. Not very teacherly. Heath is hitting the books in an effort to prove her wrong.

Nina dumped Jett. It turned out her parents are sending her to boarding school so she doesn’t have to mix with the Mangrove River brats

Every time Casey and Tamara kiss, Kyle just *coincidentally* happens to be there. Robyn advised him to use a sob story to impress Tamara, just like she did with Chris. She told him her dad died. What a mega wagon. Kyle ratted her out straight away though. Indi was raging.

Winston the Conqueror

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Winston’s off, with his best mate, Banger. Banger wasn’t that mad on Winston until recently. Ah well, I suppose if you can go on holiday at the drop of a hat, you can change your mind quickly too.

Imagine the adventures those boys will have…hanging out on the deck of a cruise ship…dressed in their onesies.

Winston told Alf to look after the Blaxland. He’ll never be rid of that yoke.

Spence went to hospital where it emerged that he hasn’t been taking his medication. He got a bit down, but April talked him round and he went to Sasha for support. That’s that then.

A new doll rocked into the Diner saying she was Chris’s girlfriend. Indi will have something to say about that.


Soft Touch

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Bianca had some class of extreme character arc there, I think her thought process was as follows:

  • It’s over with Heath, I’ll kiss Zac
  • Ah no, I won’t
  • Heath’s leaving town, no probs, that’s fine
  • I’ll dash to the town limits and get back together with him

Time to go back to the brain doctor I think…

Indi and Chris are getting stuck in; Spencer caught them at each other in the office at the gym. Sasha is still unimpressed.

I miss Flynn, sez Sally

Monday, October 21st, 2013
Flynn Saunders, double trouble

Photo from the wonderful

Which one, sez I? Do you think she has a composite in her head when she thinks of her erstwhile husband?

Winston came good with the money, the Blaxland has been sold, and Sally and Pip are heading for America, where the streets are paved with miracle cures. Alf warned young Fletcher against getting her hopes up too high.

Sasha is utterly disgusted at the obvious attraction between Chris and Indi. He is clearly a bleedin’ dope, but the horse and carriage was a nice touch.

Jett is acting the boyo with Marilyn and John, being a proper moody teen and slagging off their bus tour. He’s going to tell John that Marilyn lurves him any second now.

Every groom needs a buck’s night

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Wiser words have never been spoken. The Braxton boys were having one of their regular bash-ups, when Bianca pointed out that Heath needed brotherly harmony in advance of his upcoming nuptials. So, they piled into the car and headed for Melbourne for a Braxton Brothers Buck’s Night. Poor Melbourne.

Heath looked a little worried as they pulled away, having spied Bianca and Zac having a cosy chat. Perhaps he is right, and Bianca’s traditional pre-wedding nerves will cause her to switch suitor at the last minute.

Chris is back and sniffing around Indi. But this time she’s not so easily swayed. Cue romance.

Tamara is coming to terms with her returning memory, ably assisted by her now-best mate, Leah. Casey is enjoying the opportunity to rob Kyle’s face in it (see aforementioned bash-up).

John and Marilyn’s fledging business is slowly but surely getting off the ground. Marilyn has decided to seduce JP. Roo is horrified. Hopefully hilarity will ensue.

Sad Sal

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Now, we acknowledged that Sally was back, but not why. Wee Pippa is on the way out, life-wise, and Sally wanted her to see the Bay before she popped her clogs.

Sally has no luck. Her fella, Flynn, died just after they got married, and now her daughter is terminally ill.

By the way, “dying”, and “cancer” are two of the best words to say in an Aussie accent, try it there, g’wan. Not that Pippa has cancer. She has, em, something else, and Sally is distraught as she may have to sell the house to pay for Pip’s treatment in America.

Which got me to thinking. Why does Alf live in that house? What happened to the house he used to live in with Ails? Why can’t anyone in the Bay live alone? Why do they all have to live in commune-type scenarios?

And also – who’ll buy the house? I think it’ll be Alf myself. Or perhaps Roo and Harvey will magic up some money and take it over.

No sooner had Sid ‘n Sash left the Bay, than Dex and Indi decided to throw a massive party. It was awesome, we know because Indi proclaimed it so. She packed Casey off to his leaba as he’d had about four beers. He gave her a smooch before he snoozed. She was taken aback, but in the morning she’ll see him in a whole, new, romantic light.

bring back miles
Original image from This is Oz

all the dead

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